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  1. i must be too stupid to find it. whats the table ID #?
  2. Excellent support.Had a problem moving some money from their cashier acc to the poker acc.Were very cooperative and polite. didnt like to hear the lady say "OH NO" when i explained my problem, but was assured it will be fixed asap.
  3. ok, i will try it without the 0i signed up for the charter membership, as im sure you did too, but didnt notice anywhere if i can use a promo #.any help is greatly appreciated
  4. wow, how long did it take you to figure that out? I am impressed
  5. Well, let me be the first then beans, good stuff!I will admit it took a few posts of yours before i became a fan, but you have definetely turned me into a fan.
  6. I heard something about this but, where in T.C are they having this. Im in Fenton, which is near Flint but might have to head up there. I was in T.C. this past weekend and didnt hear anything about this though.In the Grand Traverse mall actually there is a poker supply store, and i talked to the lady running it for a while, and she said that they dont have any big tourneys usually.But if this is really going on, just tell me when and where!
  7. thanks for all the input and PMs. I am going to try out fulltilt tonight and probably Bodog. Tried a bunch of times to get pokershare downloaded but it wouldnt let me.
  8. i have already put money in at party, and ultimatebet, and am bored and looking to try out a new site. just gonna make a min. deposit and test it out but looking for a suggestion or two and referral.hopefully something with a signup bonus or rakeback.
  9. I actually know her.No way! Does she hang out with Tootie? I about 6 or 7 years ago, i worked at a small ski hill in SE Michigan. Tootie was tthere skiing and had a hell of a wipe out and busted up her nose. Not that anyone cares, but i just remembered that and realized i havent posted in a while, so threw that out there.
  10. he says that he repaid the money. So i guess i started this thread a little prematurally (sp)
  11. just a headsup. He is the guy that screwed avesher out of the money from the tranfer fiasco
  12. same as here. playing .5-1 and some $25 NL
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