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  1. Oh lord.Cam Cameron took what was a pathetic Offense and made it a top 10 one. Ronnie Brown also was leading the league in yards from scrimmage when he got hurt. So I would say that Cameron knows Offense. This season went in the toilet when they let go of all their depth on defense and didn;t upgrade the secondary.Cameron is hardly "cowardly". What made him a "coward" in your eyes? He goes for it on 4th down more than any other coach in the league.You can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit.The Defense WAS Filet Mignon. It is a steaming pile of dung NOW. When your defense stinks...
  2. Yes...I like Marcus Trufant. He will be out there..and he is very underrated.
  3. I disagree. One GREAT Offseason on the defense is enough. The Dolphins themselves did it when Jimmy Johnson came in...and he didn;t go into Free Agency either.An Infusion at key positions is enough to fix this defense. Sign a CB in FA, Draft one, use the #1 on a Run Stopping DT...and bring in low priced depth that can play. Voila...respectable defense again.
  4. We are actually well along in the rebuilding process.We run on everybody due to an offensive line that is damn good. They sucked last year...but it seems that they have found the nucleus of a GREAT O-Line. Hadnot/Satele/Carey are the must keeps. Ronnie Brown is a superstar. He will be back from this ACL tear. I am privy to what it was and it was a clean tear and he will be back for training camp.So they have a Runningback and an Offensive Line. I think Ginn will be good. His speed is obvious and he gets deep on everybody...problem is that we haven't had a QB to hit him on a route.So to
  5. Wait a minute...isn't this shit only supposed to happen every 80 years or so?Go Rockies.
  6. No biggie..been there...done it...usually in a sloppy drunken state...where I am boning everybody up and down with like K336...double suited. Then my Fav....A256......flop a monster...collect.or calling reraises pre flop with 6632 (after you pop it of course)...flop a 6...and have the idiot with AAKK give you $400...fun stuff.
  7. Have you noticed that it is always "Riverstars" to us when you are ahead.....but when you need to hit one of your 698 outs on the river....it isn't?Or do you just don't remember when you bone people with a 2 outer?
  8. This reminds me....Type with a straight face that you don't believe that Steve Danneman murdered a hooker before.
  9. BS..I bet you 500k that you would grow your hair back and you haven't paid up.Ship the half million.
  10. All That preflop poker with 500bb's showed how bad he was....the 10 bb raises...the A9 call against Watkinson...the KQ call...the AK call against Hilm was questionable at best. IMO Moneymaker was head and shoulders above him. Do you remember the talent at the final table Moneymaker won his championship in? Do you remember that field coming down the stretch?I can accept Varkonyi being worse...not Moneymaker.
  11. Your'e right. But he is obviously the worst player since varkonyi to win.
  12. You had a feeling?he is blubbering in his language now.jeez.one god damn river card away from jerry soiling his pants.Well...at least a donk didn;t win. wait...what...okay.
  13. Yes...this Yang dude...really does do that. Massive gargantuan..just take my money tell. Bet half pot on river...desperation bluff.Yang sure is special.
  14. I guess you missed my two posts analyzing the proper strategy to deal with a donk like Yang.Tuan needs to take some of these orphan pots.....yang has given up on at least 5 pots...and Tuan just says...go ahead and take it.
  15. 15 minute break....Tuan needs to double up twice to get back in it.
  16. what's better...winning 10 hands for $1...or one for $11?
  17. That is the proper strategy against a donk like yang.You gotta play for time...remember that a donk is also a "dumb" poker player. a Dumb poker player can be molded into what you want. that is why you call Yang's raises and take those pots away from him. it will tighten him up....and allow you to get off on him...instead of you dodging big pots all the time.Important to play OOP against Yang. Position is actually bad against a donk like Yang.Yang is a special case...
  18. Hell No.You want to avoid building any pots with this idiot. (Unless of course...you got a hand that has Jerry crushed like TP)I would limp alot against a calling station like Jerry. And call his raises and lead right out into him on safe flops.I would rarely raise him...i would try to instigate a situation and push for a situation where Jerry can make mistakes.Preflop...jerry is actually pretty sound for a MTT...(an ultra aggressive Preflop player is a difficult out)Gotta play like a nit..and just smile when this moron gives you his stack.
  19. Warning...I am anal about this stuff...but....That dealer sucks ***. She can;t spread a flop and has a hard time pitching cards.
  20. Zimm is right. Tuan gets patient and can actually get to within smashing range of Yang's stack. If he gets within smashing distance and he gets ONE hand dealt...I am convinced that this idiot Yang will double him up with damn near anything.All he needs is top pair and yang will just give him his stack.
  21. Smart bet.Betting that Tuan is going to put us all to sleep till he doubles up with his AT against Jerry's A2?
  22. Can Tuan Lam do it?I doubt it. I will say this...if Tuan Lam can get the good lord to smack him with the deck..he will win this thing in about 10 minutes.
  23. Phil Gordon just laughed when Yang told rahme that he "played well".How the **** would Yang know what playing well is?This guy makes varkonyi look like Phil Ivey.
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