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  1. its kinda funny to think a guy that was obviously bent on blowing his brains out was going to see a "no guns" sign and give up on his plan. metal detectors maybe, but just a sign? i doubt it.
  2. comparing american idol to the actions of terrorists is the biggest jackass move i have EVER seen. it must be hell to have so much money that he can sit around and think of such ridiculous ideas.
  3. absolutely incredible news, now wondering who the best is between pride and UFC will be a reality. im excited.
  4. yeah i saw that, i really hate sheiky. he thinks a lot higher of himself than i care to imagine.
  5. my problem with K1 is that when it is on espn, you never know what year it is until the very end of the program, sort of like the worlds strongest man
  6. so is it stereotyping to ask them for help with my math?Also, most everyone is made fun of for the way they speak just tune into pretty much any episode of chappelles show or that God awful Mind of Mencia.
  7. tonights episode was pretty good, it seems like this season they are really dedicating themselves to having 2 storylines which i like especially when they involve cartman. anytime butters is involved you know its going to be good
  8. that was the only way i saw myself getting into hockey, now im kinda bummed. oh well though
  9. I live in a very small town, and myself and my friends may be kind of trashy but oh well, we were having a cookout and here is what transpired when my friend got dared to make a jump the video is only 1:40 but it runs for an extra two minutes and i dont know why. and yes the guy filming has the worst laugh known to man.
  10. if there was only someone on this forum with enough clout to call the guy up and set him straight about how professional successful poker players feel about the issue.....anyone??
  11. the "juice bars" like that can get pretty wild, there is one in kansas that i have been to a few times that havent ever been disapointing, i cant even imagine how it would be in a city like AC
  12. i wish i had a million to lose every week
  13. I actually like watching Chris Angel, other than that lame theme song his stuff is pretty entertaining and he doesnt really pull any punches is letting you know that its illusions and things like that. I remember him saying for one escape where he might be hit by a car if he didnt get out of the box in time, that as soon as they closed the box he was going to be working on getting out of his chains and locks and wasnt going to wait until the car was coming at him. David Blaine wouldnt ever do that as he trys to sell his brand as actual magic and comes off as an arrogant a-hole
  14. i thought sylvia was taking too much of a boxing approach to mma by "outpointing" people and couture saw that and knew if he came in and was agressive he could win, gg Randy
  15. Eli O'Brien from Emporia State Univ.
  16. normally, i would read and be interested and think about how weird it was, however since you didnt post a hand history its a really boring thing to read.
  17. personally i would like to see hellmuth embarrassed on Conan O'Brien, either that or see Doyle on any show if they just gave him a chance to sit and tell some stories from the good old days, i bet he could entertain a crowd
  18. nice dodge city police hat.....living in kansas that hit home for me. where the hell did you score that???
  19. i can understand, that 6 shi t was getting annoying
  20. some obv. at looshle's table is talking some major trash on him over some call a while back its getting kind of old to watch
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