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  1. FYI for anyone interested, I played one evening at Diamond Lil's. It was ok. It's a little run down and the cards, tables, and chips are fairly old and worn out. However, they run the games pretty well. The players were typically bad. Typically, meaning they were about as bad as your average Vegas 10-20 limit game, but nowhere near as bad as your average Tunica limit game (still the worst players that I've found, anywhere, and nowhere else even close thus far).
  2. I haven't checked to see who I'm playing yet, but Tuesday night is pretty much the only night this week I can play (and would have to be after 8:00 EST). If that won't work, I'll have to bail. I have criss-crossed the country twice for work in the last 10 days and have another trip to Palo Alto this week, unfortunately.
  3. For the love of god people, please put a better description of the thread in the subject line, if for no other reason than to save poor thread skimmers like me the trouble of having to click into the thread to see what it's about. "Huh?" is utterly useless./rant over/
  4. I'm interested, but you're starting on Labor Day weekend and I will be out of town. I suspect I'm not the only one. (NOTE: Haven't read any of the rest of this thread yet so apologize if this has been mentioned already.)
  5. Not sure I could have screwed that up any worse.
  6. suckouts own. ;)Up to around $350k now.
  7. I'm at 220k. Running good so far...
  8. Heh...it happens. Seriously, though, you might want to rethink how you played that hand. I had you covered and you were deep, so that was a pretty foolish risk you took. GL the rest of the way though.
  9. Up to 138k right after third break.
  10. I'm playing but not making a LL in that crapshoot.
  11. 45,800 at second break. Anyone else still in?
  12. I have to go to Seattle (specifically Bellevue) Sunday through Wednesday on business. While not likely, there is a slim chance I might have an evening or two free. Does anyone have info on poker rooms there (i.e. if they exist, and if so, which are the good ones)?
  13. Yes, and hopefully I'll actually be able to play this time (although it least my brother got it in good when he went down).
  14. "I" went out early obviously. My brother was playing for me due to a last minute unavoidable conflict. He got coolered when he got it all in with flopped trips and the guy rivered a boat with KK.
  15. I am going to miss at least the start of the event. I have tried a couple of folks to play over me, but none are available, so I'm just going to have to be blinded off. Obey, if you want to replace me, feel free. I'm still trying to find a temporary replacement though.
  16. In terms of swapping I'm in for whatever you guys figure out.
  17. I am registered. There is a non-zero, but slight, chance I may not make it due to circumstances that will be out of my control, but as of this point I'm in.
  18. Let's hope. I will only have to beat 19,993 players. No sweat.
  19. One of you guys needs to post the picks as they are made or shortly after. I recommend not drafting me since I'm on full blown mega tilt after being 6/17 on the Stars 100k last night and losing with KK against AA against the only bigger stack at my table, and then having AA cracked by QQ in the first ten hands of FTOPS 1.EDIT: And then busting with AK vs. KT.SECOND EDIT: Nevermind, I'm an idiot. Didn't realize the OP was being updated.
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