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  1. I'm not sure about the exact figures but his 180k isn't probably that far off. I also don't mind the idea of investing some of your winnings and investing the other part for your BR. I mean lets say you are a winning 10/20-15/30 LHE player or a 1/2-3/6 NL player and you all of a sudden hit big in a tourney and your BR shoots up from 12k to 300k. You decide to sit in a big game properly rolled, you are going to get rolled yourself here. Your skill level is not even with your BR. In this case, I would suggest investing more of your tourney winnings into stock and taking the rest of it into a big
  2. If you are serious about winning, I suggest playing lower than $50 max with $250-500 dollars. $500 at a $50 max game would be having only 10 buyins. If you have $500 dollars play $25 max, Which would be 20 buyins. If you are successful at $25 max, I suggest taking a few shots at $50 max but not completely moving up til you have 20 buyins or so.
  3. GHEYYYYYBANNNNNEveryone knows where to go if they want a stake.
  4. This is what I'm trying with the trip shootout, Cash the ticket in and buy a seat into the 215 200k wcoop event #7...By doing this I'll gain money too.
  5. Look at your cards when the action is on you or else you are missing a big part of the game. Also for me it is easier to hide the identity of my hand when I wait for the action to get to me.
  6. Well, I see what you're saying...However, Say you are playing tight after the first hand you are at <1,500, I would def go ahead and rebuy here. That way when you do catch your hand you get max return. Instead of being at a 6k range you would now be at a 3k range. You could rebuy at the <1,500 point and still play tight, right?
  7. One of my donk friends started out with 50 bucks playing 5 max nlhe lost it all in like 2 days. Redeposited another 50 bucks lost like 20 of it in the same game. With his remaining roll he decided to play 5 dollar HU matches took some upswing moved up in limits way underrolled and was crushed in a day. I tried to tell him to just go back to the cash game but he never listened now he wont play online, Just another donk wearin a tinfoil hat thinkin onlines rigged!
  8. I used to play a 300bb rule for lhe, I went on a massive downswing about two months after moving up in limits. I think I lost 100bb in 3 days, I dropped back down and run a 500 rule and 20 buyins for nl/pl games.
  9. I wouldn't be scared off by the river card, Villian wouldn't have checked to you if he made his straight. Previously stated I'd be more concerned with another raggy J, I'd go for value here but I would like more reads.
  10. I've never played one of these, Just curious if anyone has some basic & advanced strategies.
  11. People have different styles, My question is if its the very first hand how the fuck do you know he has QJ? Lets just say for whatever reason we do happen to know this, I'm probably still not calling. If you are Farha you would.
  12. Basically every game in windsor is soft, However the NLHE session fees are sick every half hour your paying 6 bucks. Lets say you beat the game for 15bb an hour but you're paying 12bb an hour you're only actually winning 3bb and thats in canadian..In my opinion not worth it. Go hit up the 3/6 lhe game it's softer than micro's and it doesnt have the sick session fees.EDIT: Wandigo my friend played in the tourney a few times and he was telling me about the structure... This was awhile ago but if I recall it starts out at 25/50 and you get 2,000 in chips but the blinds move up every 15 or 20 mins
  13. In the big game they dont just play limit games, they mix it up... 100k round caps of no limit/pot limit games are in the mix too.
  14. The blinds were massive and I was on the shortstack, I'll take an even money split 3 ways vs trying my luck at a total donkfest anyday. Albeit 1.10 buyin or 10,000 buyin.
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