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  1. how is this question even being discussed? -- do you people not play cash games??? -- any time I am going all-in in a cash game and dont have a great read on the situation I ask to do business -- who doesn't? ****, why is this even being posted as if it is some kind of poker rarity?
  2. Jelly-Filled Ace is a complete ****in a-hole -- he is always posting that stupid ****, as are the the other two pricks -- golden and hangukmiguk -- dont even bother listening to those ****s -- Hank213 knows whats going on -- that is sound advice.J
  3. by all means pushing in that spot is a dumb play when playing against people who know how to play........ however when you are playing in low limits online, it is actually the correct move. i find that over-playing hands is the best way to make money at lower limits because many players will call with top pair or a draw. if you are certain that you have someone beat in a hand it is a very good move to come over the top and push all-in because they will often not even think twice and call. do not try this at your local card club/casino or in a tournament... this is strictly for online low-limit
  4. my bad, sorry i started watching when dn had 151k ..... my badhe started with 50k apparently
  5. rigth now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it has begun!!!!dreamclown's HE 500-1000
  6. i guess noone bothered to look at what i had written in my post. too concerned with the fact that i am an immaculately dressed, good-looking guy.i think you should take a look at online betting patterns and see what cards ppl showdown in hands - thats probably a better place to start with tells.... just quietly.hey, if you dont agree with that, then by all means....flame on ....
  7. im ****ing tired of ppl whinging about getting bad beats. HoldEm is a game of implied odds. you have to get your money in with the best hand and leave it up to probability - sometimes the math holds up , sometimes it doesn't. dont ****ing complain about it though - youre just embarassing yourself.just once i'd like to see someone come on here and i say "i feel like shit.... i just spiked a runer runner runner runner flush against some guys AA i am a jerk!!" but thats never going to happen is it ? because whenever ever someone pulls a suckout they feel like they deserved to win and theres alwa
  8. theres a good chance that this is s.h.i.t.t.e.s.t. HE variant posted on this site. you have wasted our time. and i have wasted mine by simply replying to this junk post.
  9. hhahaha, definately not tard boy. i mean - maybe - in some cases but i often do stuff like that so that i can have an even amount in my account (rounded off to the nearest 50, 75 or 100 depending on how much money people have at the table) just a little OCD of mine. for example today i have $2002.35 in my account, i play $1-1 PLHE ($100 max buy-in) so when i sit down i may choose to sit with either $52.35 or $77.35 depending on how much money other people at the table are sitting with.thats not really a tell now is it ? maybe its a tell that i have weird OCD, but nothing to do with my poker pl
  10. what is this shit post?!man, im sick of ppl flaming raymer. the guy is good. ****ing leave it at that. damn, ppl always got something to say. but when they catch some cards or go on a run its like they ****ing deserved it or something - or they're suddenly the greatest cardplayer in their basement or wherever they ****ing play!!! cmon, give raymer some credit and stop ****ing being the basement champion.
  11. Short-handed. definately. short handed allows you to play a broader range of hands without the risk of being reraised out of the pot.
  12. No, you can stack your chips however you like.actually thats not true. your highest denomination chips must always be in the front... and then the next ones behind etc. etc. you must always have the larger chips showing so that if someone were to move all-in against you they know roughly what your stack is ....
  13. final time, 3 hrs 45minswooooooh
  14. i hit $1000 at the 100 buy-in, 1-1 PL pokerroom table hahahahahha**** yeh **** yeh!!!
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