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  1. i was at the wpo and sat in a 5/10 nl game were a kid was up like 12 dimes then got broke, Some old man made a joke about his playand the kid responded,"I'll go to by room and get my suit case and choke you mfer's with 100 dollar bills". that is exactly what he did he came back in 10 mins with over 100k qnd ran over the game. i played 2 hands in 4 hours jj against the blinds and doubled up 1500 to 3000 and AK suited on the button mississippi straddle($25) flop top pr turned the nut st and doubled up again to $6700, then I was out. I know that most of those people had to be carring tons of ca
  2. ameristar in st charles just outside of st louis is were the action is . I go there 2 times a month the fri sat and sun are action like a mfer. there is a 20 -40 kill games that is like no other. 7 and 8 way action capped is not unusual. the biggest 20 40 pot 1 ever won was there it was almost 1400.00. The no limit is mostly restriced buy in 100, 200 , 500. there is a 500 loss limit in missouri but you can buy chips from players that horde them. Just ask players in the 20 40 game the all got em.. good luck
  3. I am a poker player not a drug dealer. I am going to vegas for ,3 weeks to goto dealerschool and play poker. My poker bank roll is right at 40 k. it is in cash. I think i will turn it into travlers checks then cash them for chips when get there. Ill put those exter chips in a box and cash them as needed for various rooms. I dont deal with banks with my poker money and anything over 10k creates a ctr (currency tranaction report). I have had them before and dont like it.The credit thing is out. Thanks for responses, I was hoping that there was a standard way that pros move cash around from room
  4. I am going to lasveags and have $40 thousand in cash I was to bring with me. I was wondering what is the best way to get it to veags with out any red flags at the bank i.e. over 10 k. How do most pros move money around from room to room. I know they dont carry large sums but it seems like a hassle to wire transfer evry time u move from casino to casino. Any help from pro's ,who do it ,would be appricated. Note I asked for help from people that know. thank you in advance.
  5. Paul you are a jerk on here, and a jerk on your blog. You think you are the only one to have an opinion. You think you are allways right when you post. One day some one is going to kick your ass for being such a disrespectful smart ass. All your money wont stop you from a good old fasioned ass whooopin. I hope it happens soon, You need to learn some respect. If they cheated they cheated, you cant change the past and you cant prove it. Get proof or STFU. I personaly think you are a punk and with out your money no one would care what you think.
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