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  1. i'll try to give some more advice later, but for now you should know that you will typically have to pay two months' rent up front to get an apartment (first month plus security deposit). for some places you'll have to pay three months' rent. it may be difficult to get an apartment since you won't have any documented source of income and your parents might not want to cosign your lease, in which case you would have to pay for everything up front. there could also be set up fees for cable and internet. you have to pay for all these things before you can start playing poker in your own place.

  2. My thoughts:BB (us) will rarely be donk-betting this flop into 2 opponents with air.SB will have to take this into consideration and realize that our bet certainly may have destroyed some of his outs.This fact, coupled with the possible domination of the Button's hand will usually force SB to fold his overcards.Do you overcall a donk bet and a preflop raiser if you hold a hand like A9 or JT in the SB?If BB checks and Button makes a continuation bet, this situation seems much less menacing than the first.Even though SB wouldn't be closing the action in this situation, there shouldn't be significant fear of BB.Point: a BB bet will scare SB more than a check.--cm
    your reasoning is good if SB is a thinking player. since he plays 40% of hands, though, he might not be disciplined enough to fold even when he thinks he has only 3 outs.
  3. A "standard" 3-bet from MP preflop (at least this is what I believe) would be: 99+,ATs+,AQ+,KQs
    against that range, i fold the flop because you aren't going to be able to play the turn and river correctly often enough (e.g. you won't know if you're ahead when turn a ten).
  4. ordered "how good is your limit hold'em?" today. i know some of you have read this and that it is geared towards full ring, but i'll let you know how much info there is on HU/SH pots. and this isn't exactly news, but 2+2 is planning on releasing a book on high stakes and short-handed LHE in the fall. (link) should be lots of good ideas for discussion.

  5. Full Tilt PokerLimit Holdem Ring gameLimit: $5/$105 playersConverterPre-flop: (5 players) econ_tim is UTG with 7 :D 7 :)econ_tim raises, CO calls, Button folds, SB 3-bets, BB folds, econ_tim calls, CO calls.Flop: 9 :) 8 :D 4 :D (8.5SB, 3 players)SB bets, econ_tim raises, CO folds, SB calls.Turn: 6 :club: (6.25BB, 2 players)SB checks, econ_tim bets, SB calls.River: J :) (8.25BB, 2 players)SB checks, econ_tim checks.Results:Final pot: 8.25BB villain is 56/40/1 over small sample ok?? i really think i'm good on the river, but don't want to risk getting c/red (which i would have to call because i don't trust villain).

  6. This was against an UTG raise, with you playing as UTG+1 - from the other thread.Now it's an MP2 raise and you're on the button.Why no 3bet?
    In the other example, my 3-bet likely isolates UTG. In this hand, the limper probably isn't going away. Here I have position, so I can weather a multiway pot. 3-betting here is the standard line, but I think cold-calling is OK sometimes. It makes it hard for observant opponents to read you. I know I hate it when people do this against me.
  7. Full Tilt PokerLimit Holdem Ring gameLimit: $5/$109 playersConverterPre-flop: (9 players) econ_tim is Button with Q :D A :club: UTG calls, 2 folds, MP2 raises, 2 folds, econ_tim calls, SB folds, BB calls, UTG calls.Flop: A :) 4 :D T :) (8.5SB, 4 players)BB checks, UTG checks, MP2 bets, econ_tim calls, BB calls, UTG folds.Turn: A :D (5.75BB, 3 players)BB checks, MP2 checks, econ_tim bets, BB calls, MP2 raises, econ_tim calls, BB calls.River: T :) (11.75BB, 3 players)BB checks, MP2 bets, econ_tim calls, . . . MP2 is solid as far as I know. BB is the type of player who calls 3 cold preflop with a pair of fours.

  8. Based on the information you have up to that point, it's for value.
    The pot is so big, I would rather give up the value I get from a flop raise in exchange for better protection with a turn raise.re: UTG being loose or tight, I play so much SH now that I forgot that TAGs have VP$IP around 20 in full games
  9. I dont even cold call an UTG raise from a 'tight passive' players with AQs in full ring.
    I'd 3-bet AQs, especially if the LP folds postflop too much. I thought I had a good chance of getting a multiway pot if I CC.
    I do raise the flop though.
    Why? I doubt even gutshots are folding.
    And definitely dont raise the turn. You get 3bet a lot, and you face the button with two bets. A free showdown isnt all that valuable when you think it's highly improbable that the bettor is semi bluffing. You're definitely not raising for value, nor do you have much of any real shot at making better hands fold.
    This sounds good. I guess the only thing I was worried about was the SB being retarded. I also wouldn't mind folding 2nd or 3rd pairs if I were ahead. And since most of my outs are to the nuts, I don't gain much equity by folding worse hands when I'm currently second best.
  10. Full Tilt PokerLimit Holdem Ring gameLimit: $5/$109 playersConverterPre-flop: (9 players) econ_tim is UTG+1 with T :club: A :DUTG raises, econ_tim calls, MP1 folds, MP2 calls, 2 folds, Button 3-bets, SB calls, BB folds, UTG calls, econ_tim calls, MP2 calls.Flop: Q :) K :D A :) (16SB, 5 players)SB checks, UTG bets, econ_tim calls, MP2 folds, Button calls, SB raises, UTG calls, econ_tim calls, Button calls.Turn: 5 :D (12BB, 4 players)SB bets, UTG calls, econ_tim raises, Button folds, SB calls, UTG calls.River: 6 :) (18BB, 3 players)SB checks, UTG checks, econ_tim . . . SB is loose/passive (35/10/1) and UTG is tight and somewhat passive (25/9/1.5) i'm not sure on the other streets either

  11. Full Tilt PokerLimit Holdem Ring gameBlinds: $2.50/$55 playersConverterPre-flop: (5 players) econ_tim is BB with 2 :) A :D3 folds, SB calls, econ_tim raises, SB 3-bets, econ_tim calls.Flop: K :club: J :D A :) (6SB, 2 players)SB bets, econ_tim calls.Turn: 5 :D (4BB, 2 players)SB bets, econ_tim calls.River: K :) (6BB, 2 players)SB bets, econ_tim calls.Results:Final pot: 8BB villain is 62/40/1.7 over 40 hands, and from showdown i know it's not because he's running super-hot. i was going to raise the river, but then the second K came. am i getting enough value for my hand?edited to fix converter error

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