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  1. FullTilt $1/$2 HEecon_tim2 folds, MP1 calls, 2 folds, econ_tim calls, 2 folds, BB checks.Pot: 3.5SBMaybe I should raise to isolate here.Flop - [3 :club: 9 :heart: 9 :diamond: ]BB checks, MP1 checks, econ_tim bets, BB folds, MP1 calls.Pot: 6.5 SBNo one is showing any strength.Turn - [8 :diamond: ]MP1 checks, econ_tim bets, MP1 calls.Pot: 5 BBAgain, no sign of strength, I put MP1 on two high cards or possibly even suited connectors.River - [8 :heart: ]MP1 checks, econ_tim bets, MP1 folds.My two pair are counterfeited, and I can only win by betting. MP1 hasn't been playing agressively, and I think he will only call with an A. Do you think this bet is too risky? I show my cards so I can get paid off later.

  2. $1/$2 Hold'Em FullTilt - 9 handedecon_timFolded to MP2 who raises to $2, folded around, econ_tim calls, BB calls.Flop [5 :diamond: 4 :club: K :spade: ]econ_timTurn [3d]econ_tim bets $2, MP2 folds.econ_tim wins 5BB.Figure this is great situation to C/R. Figure out if MP2 has a K and get out crappy draws.econ_timUTG calls, UTG+1 folds, MP1 raises to $2, 1 fold, CO calls, econ_tim calls, SB folds, BB folds, UTG calls.Flop [T :diamond: 9 :heart: 3 :diamond: ]UTG checks, MP1 raises to $2, econ_tim 3 bets, 2 folds, MP1 calls.Turn [2 :diamond: ]econ_tim bets, MP1 calls.River [ Q :club: ] MP1 bets, econ_tim raises, MP1 calls.econ_tim.Glad I played my flush draw so agressively, ended up being a huge pot.econ_timUTG raises, 6 folds, SB calls, BB calls.Flop [ Q :heart: 5 :spade: A :diamond: ]SB checks, econ_tim bets, UTG calls, SB calls.Turn [ 7 :heart: ]SB checks, econ_tim folds, UTG calls $1 all-in.River [7 :club: ]SB shows 55 for Fives full of Sevens, UTG shows QQ for Queens full of sevens, UTG wins 10.5BBSometimes 2 pair can be easy to lay down.econ_tim4 folds, MP3 calls, econ_tim calls, SB folds.Flop [ 7 :club: Q :club: 6:club: ]BB bets, MP3 calls, econ_tim calls.Turn [ J :diamond: ]BB bets, MP3 calls, econ_tim calls.River [ T :diamond: ]BB checks, MP3 checks, econ_tim bets, BB calls, MP3 calls.econ_tim wins 17BB (!)2nd nut flush is good to slowplay, no?econ_timFolded to me, econ_tim raises, SB folds, BB calls.Flop [ 4 :diamond: A :heart: 6 :heart: ]BB checks, econ_tim bets, BB calls.Turn [Q :heart: ]BB checks, econ_tim bets, BB calls.River [J :spade: ]BB checks, econ_tim checks.econ_tim wins 5BB.(Hand history showed BB had [7 :diamond: 4 :heart: ])The BB was a Tard. He called a raise earlier with A2o, so who knows what he is defending with? I probably should have bet the river.

  3. The limit tables at FullTilt are quite tight at times. When that happens, I try to steal blinds from mid position much more often that usual, raising with almost any playable hand. Also, most tight players still aren't very good and will sometimes get very attached to preflop monsters so you can get paid off when you make sets etc. so I guess maybe call more PFR.

  4. $1/$2 Hold'em at FullTilt - 8 playersI'm UTG with [A :heart: T :heart: ]SB posts $0.50, BB posts $1, Hero calls, MP1 calls, MP2 calls, MP3 calls, CO calls, Button folds, SB completes, BB checks.(7 SB)With so many callers, wishing I had raised.Flop [8 :club: 4 :club: A :club: ]SB bets $1, 1 fold, Hero raises to $2, 1 fold, MP2 calls, 2 folds, SB calls.(pot is now 6.5 BB)Turn [T :spade: ]SB checks, Hero bets $2, MP2 folds, SB calls.(pot is now 8.5 BB)Since no one 3 bet the flop, figure I should play my two pair hard.River [7 :spade: ]SB checks, Hero bets $2, SB calls.(pot is now 10.5 BB)Pretty sure it's OK to bet here.Results in white below:Hero shows two pair, Aces and TensSB shows [5c 9c] for a flush, Ace highSB win 20.5 BB

  5. You've got to bet the turn and give it up if raised. If he just calls, bet the river. An alternate, riskier line is to check-raise the turn. This would be appropriate if the player frequently takes a stab at pots from late positions. If your check raise is called, you should probably check the river and call only a small bet.

  6. You should raise the jacks most of the time preflop. Once the flop comes and its $30 to you, you don't have enough to money to push out a flush draw, although you're a big favorite over someone with just one heart. Your decision depends on your read here, but with a pot-sized bet and then a big reraise, there's a good chance you're beat. Still, your only options are push or fold, and I think folding would have higher expectation in this situation.

  7. It costs you 1/3 of your stack to call here, and the most you could do is double up plus t8,000 extra from the CO. In that best case scenario, the implied odds are 7:1, while you will only hit your set about 1/8th of the time. Also, why get mixed up in this hand? The CO most likely has some pair or two big cards. If the big stack takes him out great, if not, no big deal. Wait for a better time to get chips.

  8. For the first hand, I think you should raise the flop because (even top) two pair is vulnerable. C/R on the turn is nice, although you need to be pretty sure someone will bet behind. And if you were pretty sure your opponent was on flush draw you could check the river, but I think the bet here is OK.On 2nd hand, why not cap the flop. The turn makes you very vulnerable as there are three to flush and four to straight, so slowing down makes sense. And realize the river for trips doesn't really help you if the draws hit, but since your opponent is all in he could be playing strange.For the third hand, I think you overplayed your tens. You should probably fold the turn since you would be called on the flop by top or mid pair, both of which now beat you.

  9. It would help to know what games and limits you are playing, but betting patterns are the biggest online tell. Watch a player for a while and figure out how they bet big pairs, draws, made hands, etc. Then you can get some idea of what you're up against.

  10. Like Vade, I'd like to know the kicker. Also, what size buy-in tournament do you have in mind?But speaking generally, with a raise-worthy K, I would bet the pot or slightly less than the pot on this flop. No need to do anything fancy early in the tournament as you will likely find better situations to gain chips.

  11. To answer this quesstion correctly, we need to know what you know about this guy.  Is he lag?  Is he a rock?  Does he like to see a lot of flops?  Your decisions should be based on this information as well, so until you give me your reads on him, I can't really help you.
    Hadn't really played many hands with MP3, but he didn't seem particularly loose. The one big pot I was involved in with him before, I had A :club: K :D and raised to $6 preflop, got several callers. Flop was rainbow [A 3 9]I bet the pot ($25), he raised it to $50, everyone else folded, and I reraised and he folded. Afterwards he claimed to have AJ, so he made an agressive, but reasonable play, if a somewhat loose call PF.So I was worried about him making another loose call in this hand and possibly having two pair, which would be a raising hand since there are so many draws to defend against.But I take the point that reraising would at least give me some information.
  12. $1/$2 NL HE at Full TiltI'm in MP2 with K :D Q :D and I'm first to enter, so I raise it to $6. MP3 calls and everyone else folds. Flop isJ :D Q :) 9 :club: I bet $10 into a $15 pot, MP3 raises to $25, I fold.Now I think this is a very conservative play, but the flop is super coordinated, so there's a good chance I'm beaten or have a coin flip.What do you think?

  13. Imagine my surprise when:Dealer: SAVAGE shows three of a kind, AcesDealer: econ_tim shows two pair, Aces and KingsDealer: SAVAGE wins the pot ($34.50) with three of a kind, AcesDon't think there was anything I should have done differently, except possibly 3-bet river. Savage's play is strange though.

  14. From Full Tilt, so Hand Converter didn't work.Dealer: Hand #100841396Dealer: AndyNoise posts the small blind of $0.50Dealer: SAVAGE posts the big blind of $1Dealer: You have been dealt [Kc Ac]Dealer: eyecedtea foldsDealer: econ_tim raises to $2Dealer: DBT foldsDealer: Mulletude foldsDealer: Bronko calls $2Dealer: MaximumJ foldsDealer: AndyNoise foldsDealer: SAVAGE calls $1Dealer: The flop is [4s As 9h]Just what I wanted to see.Dealer: SAVAGE checksDealer: econ_tim bets $1Dealer: Bronko calls $1Dealer: SAVAGE calls $1Thinking I'm against a lower ace and a flush draw maybe.Dealer: The turn is [Kh]Dealer: SAVAGE checksDealer: econ_tim bets $2Dealer: Bronko calls $2Dealer: SAVAGE raises to $4Dealer: econ_tim raises to $6Dealer: Bronko calls $4Dealer: SAVAGE calls $2OK, so maybe SAVAGE was playing K9s from the blind and the other guy is on a flush draw. Or else he was slow-playing a set?Dealer: The river is [3c]Dealer: SAVAGE checksDealer: econ_tim bets $2Dealer: Bronko foldsDealer: SAVAGE raises to $4Dealer: econ_tim calls $2Obviously Bronko missed his draw, or just gave up his crappy cards, but what does SAVAGE have?

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