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  1. he said it like he was the FAVORITE to win the hand.from what I saw, he was very surprised with how fast jesus called that he was ahead. he looked like he was expecting 2 pair from jesus.
  2. So if someone wanted to flip a coin, but instead of paying you 1:1, they would pay you 2:1, you would say no? that's essentially what you did by folding, if you put him on a flush draw.
  3. yeah, I'm not even sure I can make 500 hands with the swings of NL.
  4. A raked hand means a hand where enough money has been put in the pot so that Party Poker can take out their rake. At low limits on tight tables, this doesn't necessarily happen for every hand. You don't have to necessarily see the flop yourself for it to count toward your 500 hands.ahh, makes sense. I knew I didn't have to see the flop, I thought it was just any hand played. I guess NL games might not be the best way to clear this then.
  5. Hi all, I got a question. I've had a party account for a couple years, but stopped using it because I moved to Full Tilt. They sent me an e-mail saying they put $50 free in my account, but I can't cash it out til I play 500 raked hands. I've been sitting for a while, and I'm sure I'm close to 100 hands, but they said I've only played 45. Does a raked hand played mean you have to see a flop? Or is their system just slow updating?
  6. Harry, thanks for your extremely detailed answer regarding your poker success and the keys to it. Congrats on everything you achieved. sounds like a fun hobby when you can make that much!
  7. LOL, I'm pretty sure with all his endorsements, that he can play in almost every tournament, not cash and still break even for the year. We won't even throw in his backers.
  8. since he's working with them...don't you think it's....his job to be friendly like that?Not at all. I collect autographs of athletes. It's amazing how rude they are. Some are very friendly (Magic Johnson is the most friendly, he'll take pictures, chat with you, etc). Some are complete jerks, sign your item and that's it. They don't acknowledge you or anything. T.O. was definitely my worst experience.
  9. Harry, as someone who hates working a 9-5 job everyday, but at the same time, it seems like everyone is profitable at poker, I'm curious to ask you a question. Are you a winning player? Even as a hobby, are you ahead at the end of the year? I am obviously not asking for detailed numbers.
  10. Lederer folded AK last year preflop on the tournament of Champions. Men "The Master" also folded AK against David Grey pre-flop during the 2003 WSOP when Grey had AA.
  11. Sorry, I post as I read. I don't need someone else's opinion to confirm mine.
  12. While he may not say anything obnoxious, sounding obnoxious is good enough for me. It's kinda like the Stephen A. Smith thing. Personally, I find it pretty funny when Chad rips on Hellmuth. If you really want specific quotes, I'll flip on reruns.
  13. just as 99% of this forum acts to daniel?anyone that knows neverwin personally knows the kid is brilliant. if neverwin thought this was 50/50 shot he wouldnt be playing daniel. he has nothing to prove, he's doing it because he knows he has an edge.3/2 odds may be stupid in a no limit heads up match, but they are playing limit. if you are so worried about it, and have so much faith in daniel, then someone step forward and give me even odds for 5k.lol, why would people do that for even odds? If never win is really good, then this would be an even money match. people are taking 3:2 because they
  14. Actually, I would think she wanted to see him fold. there was already 300k+ in the pot, she went all in for 250 more. I'm sure she was glad to win the pot right there. Remember, always better to win a small pot than to lose a big one.
  15. Sexton sounds like someone is pinching their nose while talking. I personally think Chad can be pretty funny.
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