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  1. heh, i'm saying i think it's stupid of a pokerroom asking for people's information if they are cashing out to same neteller/firepay. How can you scam anyone? you would be making up your wrongs by returning hte money to the owner of the account and most scammers don't plan on returning the money.
  2. Quick question are you cashing out to same credit card? if so how can there be any Theft? If you stole money then you just gave it back right?
  3. Paul Dardenplayed by Rockmond Dunbaredit David sklansky really looks like a writer :\ named Robert Benton
  4. so far i'm a losing player this year. but then again i've been in a slump since last december so it should turn around. I am down $98 this year.
  5. Huh?? Same thing.trips = 2 of your cards are on the board example : AK board KK4 you have trips. set = you have a pocket pair example 88. flop A28 thats a set
  6. He got 4th for $3842.16 to be exact. He definatley has something going for him but geez dropping $1k+ on a rebuy is insane lol
  7. You are sane from blog http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-jour...rt_from=&ucat=&
  8. If it is rigged why do people still play there? Also how is it rigged?It can't be explained, It's just rigged.Oh well i don't care i am winning money there can be rigged all it wants as long as it's rigged for me.
  9. If it is rigged why do people still play there? Also how is it rigged?
  10. didn't he only have a gutshot JT4 he had AK only a Q woulda done the trick :wink:
  11. If there was i would bet anyone that Karina Jett would do it.
  12. I honestly think the word suckout is really overused... KKvs QQ flop J25 turn 7 river Q... how the hell is that a suckout? you can't possibly tell me you woulda layed it down in an all in preflop or on the flop... or someone has 87D you have AA flop comes Ad 10d 6h... please tell me you would lay that down i highly doubt you would with all those outs.... call me a fish but i will cal quite a few bets on the flop as I am probrably %45 to win the hand... if he hits the 9 that isn't a suckout in my opinion... suckout= some dumbass who shouldn't have even seen the turn with a gutshot or crap l
  13. then that's not no limit... no limit means there is no limit to how much you can bet....
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