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  1. hell ya i cant wait to see all the other ones!
  2. way to play hard and good luck next time
  3. NL is shown way to much on tv in my opinion, they need to start having 7 card stud more that is 10 times better then hold 'em
  4. yeah i think the announcers should get fired over it... or just that goofy short guy
  5. you have to shove in, in a spot like that! there are dummys that will fold
  6. didnt he just buy a new house.. and he is a member of a country club...
  7. the wii is the best thing since slice bread
  8. wow... what did that one guys sig say about being stupid
  9. since the poker boom... the money lists dont mean a whole lot tell the money pay outs start leveling off
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