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  1. I'm going to vegas in may. I was just wondering what poker rooms should I go to. I want to maybe meet or see some pros play. Where do the pros hang out?
  2. there are no viruses. This is safer then kazaa or bearshare.
  3. heres the link..http://etaipo.livejournal.com/you need to download this program too...http://www.utorrent.com/
  4. When i get home ill find the blog i use to download them. Ill post back in about 2 hours.
  5. Heres more...http://youtube.com/watch?v=aZO-kgqQihchttp://youtube.com/watch?v=uqGT6gMvidg
  6. http://youtube.com/watch?v=E8O8a_un_r8Phil makes it extra fun to watch poker. This goes out to you Phil...
  7. I go mostly on sundays. Some times i hit the $25 tourney, most of the time i join the $40 no limit and wait for the sucks to come from the tourney and school them. Its great. Hows on my space? We can start a pechanga poker group or something.
  8. Lets do it. What day? I vote monday.
  9. We all should go and play. FCP live. I enjoy the 40 no limit. Funny stuff happens there. People playing J5 off and winning. I remember one hand i played. I was dealt 10 2 off in the BB. UTG raise to $5 2 people called so I call for the hell of it. Flop comes 10 2 K. I won around $80 with 10 2 over AK. I agree with you on this one. In N Out owns all.
  10. I was happy when they built that Del Taco and In N Out on the corner. Now i just need to move to wolf creek. Then i can just walk. That would rule.
  11. $500 is the buy in. High stakes is $100,000 buy in. I dont know the blinds for the $500 buy in.
  12. If thats you in the pic ill join you. hahaHeres the limits ...Hold'em Variations offered at Pechanga:2-4 Hold'em 3-6 Hold'em 4-8 Kill 8-16 Kill 20-40 Kill 30-60 Kill 30-60 No-Kill 40 No-Limit100 No-Limit 300 No-Limit 500 No-Limit Let me know when you play. ill join you. I live five mins from pechanga. They have alot of good players. Enjoy
  13. Temecula has great weather. Its been about 75-80 all week. i love it
  14. Thats the part i wanted to know about. Do you guys agree with the 18.00 call?
  15. I had him covered. I had around 240, he had 216.32. Yeah CodyHartman i just wanted everyone to see this. I did this to see if I did play this right.
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