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  1. Guess I'm rooting for the Penguins and Blue Jackets tonight. I figured someone would pick one of the Sabres-Penguins games this weekend, I wanted to go in a different direction. If we must pick again next week, that's fine with me. I'm ready.DirtyWater
  2. I think you meant to say that there are games on Friday the 23rd, but not on Saturday or Sunday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I know I have enough eligible teams to make a selection, I think that's all we need to make sure of, that each remaining participant has at least one team playing that day that they have not selected. Just sent my pick in, I'm sure it will be revealed later tonight. Good luck to the other teams, but I really want this contest, 11 weeks is too far to go along without getting the prize.Dirty WaterOwner - Real Bruins Wear Black
  3. Well, I have no problem rooting against the Rangers and for the Bruins the rest of the weekend. Would like at least one of two of my competitors to go down this weekend, just to bring on the heads-up battle.Remember my fellow competitors, I still have Detroit and Dallas available, just waiting for the right game.Nice job by the Thrashers last night, didn't have to worry too much once they went up 4-1. Anyway, let's see what happens the rest of the weekend.
  4. Well Zimmer, I hope Digital Monkey gets to kick you in the nuts.I have Tampa Bay over Chicago.Real Bruins Wear Black (well, not so much anymore, don't think there are any real Bruins left after that trade)
  5. I picked the Rangers on Saturday.Real Bruins Wear Black
  6. Earlier in this contest, someone compared this to a poker tournament. Well, if that's the case, then we are down to our final table. I am privileged to be among the nine final participants. I guess you could say whoever took Carolina over Tampa Bay is the short stack, needing a Hurricane victory to advance another week. I guess the rest of us are rooting for Tampa Bay to lessen the competition.This contest is going to be won by the person who picks the right team at the right time. I had a feeling Calgary was going to lose Friday night, a nine-game winning streak is long enough. I didn't touch
  7. This was on the ESPN Bottom Line Ticker last night and this morning:Saturday's Washington at Florida game has been postponed due to the impact of Hurrican Wilma.So obviously, this game should be taken out of consideration for the weekend.Good luck to everyone.Team Real Bruins Wear BlackStill alive after picking Nashville (Week 1), Los Angeles (Week 2), and Vancouver (Week 3)
  8. Took away $200 at 2/4 limit game Sunday 10/2. Pissed off a couple of older gents in the process, two because I wouldn't let them openly talk about my play without me saying something.Another because of some of the hands I played. Made a comment to the effect of "He'd get killed playing higher levels" REALLY?? HOLY CRAP???? No kidding, maybe I would not play the same at 20/40 that I would at 2/4, At least that's what I wanted to say. Overall I had a good time. Sat across from an attractive woman with a lucky moose wristband.Hoping for another trip soon, but needed money to pay off bills, so I'
  9. Let's see:1) Co-hosting an MTV show with Miss USA2) Hanging out at a friend's house watching football3) Having the time to deal with fantasy football, fantasy hockey, AND online poker at the same timeHow about"Why I Wouldn't Trade My Life For ANYTHING"JRB
  10. Did you SEE this guy on last night's broadcast of the NLHE Six-Handed Event? Looked like an extra from the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video. At least we didn't have to watch him for too long, busted out almost as quick as Lester did. (At least in ESPN editing terms). And, how many references to Gabe Kaplan's TV character did Norman Chad make last night? I used to like him, but give me Phil Gordon or Robert Williamson for analysis now.
  11. First off, I think Howie Mandel started the Full Contact Poker conversation by asking the dealer "Have you ever dealt Full Contact Poker?" Meat Loaf immediately ran with it, giving an example of what the opening tag line might be.Second, I agree with those who felt Phil Gordon should have mentioned that Full Contact Poker is the name of this wonderful site, giving DN a plug. Especially since, after yesterday, we know Daniel isn't afraid to talk about other poker players on his site. (I know the show is taped months in advance, but DN has NEVER been afraid to give props to other players when de
  12. If you get the league going on Yahoo, I'll play as well. Can't play in enough fantasy leagues, adds to the enjoyment of watching games not involving your favorite teams.JRB
  13. I agree with those who talk about the Josh Arieh drawing, doesn't look much like him. Seems like the gamemakers got the other pros down pretty good, except I think the Jennifer Harman character looks like Kellie Martin (ER, Mystery Woman). I saving my pennies to get this game when it comes out.JRB
  14. I wouldn't make the assumption that Daniel staked Ibrahim just because he looked DN's way every time he won a big pot. During the broadcast, Sexton made mention of Negranu, Habib, plus I think Ted Forrest and E-Dog were also sitting in the same group, as guys that Ibrahim regularly plays with. You seem to see this at many WPT final tables, as well-known poker-playing friends of those who made the final table stick around to root them on. I assume DN and the others expected to be at that table themselves and made their travel plans accordingly.
  15. First off, that was one of the best WPT shows ever, right along side Doyle winning earlier this season and the Foxwoods from I think a year ago with Hoyt and Hellmuth going at it. There's one hand that nobody has yet mentioned that needs a little comment. The hand where Stoltzman went all in on just a straight draw against Daniel's Queens. Daniel's comment about "I hope you have just a nine" (flop came up x-8-9) I think signified two things. First, obviously, Daniel was hoping that the kid didn't have two pair. But second, I think Daniel had a sneaking suspicion that he was doing this with exa
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