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    listening to experts berate others at the .05/.10 NL tables, doin my girlfriend, romantic walks on the beach
  1. It was my buddy Daniel bluffed 3800 on the river against. It wasnt as bad a bluff as Daniel made it sound. It was a scary board and Daniel knew he didnt have any part of it. My buddy made a really tough call for that 3800. Josh and Daniel have been running over him the first two levels and my buddy felt thats what they were doing to him in this hand.I dont know what my buddy would have done had Daniel gone all-in.
  2. Do me a favor, Patty. Ask Daniel to let the guy know in seat 8 that Banky says "Hey!".
  3. My buddy is here at Tunica and I dont think he was that nervous until he saw Daniel sit at his table. They are at table 84. God help him.
  4. My buddy is here at Tunica and I dont think he was that nervous until he saw Daniel sit at his table. They are at table 84. God help him.
  5. I was in a hand. had 56 of spades. board had 3457. The other guy had J6 of clubs and won the hand because his kicker is better than mine. No split pot.Also doesnt appear to be a way for dealer to raise before the flop.
  6. Kickers count if you happen to hold the same straight or full house. and the dealer apparently acts first on every round. weird
  7. The following stats are from NL Holdem 25$ buy in.I'd love to read what anyone has to say even the bad stuff. My main questions are these. Does the BB/100 seem low? Is there anything you think I can do to increase this number?Total hands: 10,001Vol. Put $ in Pot: 24.95Vol. Put $ in from SB: 54.55Saw Flop not a blind: 17.93Folded SB to Steal: 65.22Folded BB to Steal: 38.81Att to steal blinds 15.77Won $ when saw flop: 35.73Amount won: $229.00BB/100: 4.58Went to Showdown: 26.45Won % at showdown: 47.07Raised pre-flop: 8.59AF: 2.64First Action on Flop after a pre-flop raiseRaise: 10.71%Bet: 46.68
  8. Thats STFU, you newb! 8)Somebody forgot the sw...See how it's used, kids?What does sw mean?
  9. I got my tickets for the midnight showing on Wed. I'm totally looking forward to this movie. F*ck the haters . . .And Jedi Outkast is a great game . . .
  10. I'll be stealing Jadaki's at some point . . .
  11. Its like reliving the epic all over again . . .
  12. To me, the best "basic" poker book is Phil Gordon's "The Real Deal." Nothing too technical in there. Some good stories too. Very good read.
  13. Personally I think you should have gone all in. You had someone to act after you and he, apparently, had the same read on the big stack you did. He didnt figure you for anything because you just called his raise. He was probably hoping, since you didnt go all in originally, that you would just fold your hand and wait for a better spot. And if you did call, he might have you beat too.
  14. In Kansas City, we have 4 casinos and three poker rooms. The nicest of which is probably the Ameristar (They run SnGs from 12 -8). Harrahs is nice too but my only complaint is that its too small. The Isle of Capri is way behind harrahs in quality. Harrahs and Ameristar have hotels too.How about Iowa?
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