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  1. www.worldpx.comWorld Poker Exchange100% rake free
  2. I think it's great. Courtney has the personality of a rock.... yawn.......No-one can ever even come close to replacing Shana (in my opinion).
  3. I've been playing there for a few weeks now. It's awesome! I play $50 and $100 max NL and $1-$2 8OB and average between $35 - $65 per week in rake-back deposits. The make the rake-back deposits directly into your account every Monday... just like clockwork.There are not any signup bonuses or referral fees paid (obviously).I highly recommend checking it out!!
  4. Ha!!!!! That actually looks like it could be Father Time's wife on the far right.....
  5. Ok, here you go:name: Darinage: 36 sex: maleoccupation: currently a consultant for a small golf companylocation: central FLchildren? nopemarital/relationship status: singleI already have some poetry completed and will start preparing for the quiz immediately....
  6. Yup... we had a great time! If any of you other FCP'ers ever get the chance to meet Brad and Theresa in the future, you're in for a real treat! The Hard Rock was the Hard Rock....
  7. Sounds like fun! This would be a nice change from the online grind. Is anyone carpooling? If so, is anyone going via 528 (Beeline Expressway). We could meet at the Narcoosee Road exit out by OIA. There's a park-n-ride lot there right off the exit.PM me if interested.
  8. I agree 1,000%It's a TOTAL JOPKE!!!!
  9. Why pay any rake at all? Why not play rake free at World Poker Exchange?All your accumulated rake gets transferred back to you every Monday... it's awesome! Truly rake free online poker and tons of guaranteed tournaments with big overlays!There's no signup bonus or referral bonus, so this post should not be considered spam in any way.www.worldpx.comEnjoy!
  10. I just found a link with all the details on tournaments at Caesars. Here you go:http://www.allvegaspoker.com/news_detail_121.html
  11. The Harrah's tournaments are definitely not the best, no.... I was just making a suggestion for a nice soft mid-day tournament that's held in a nice quiet room. I prefer the tournament at Binion's for sure as far as structure in an "under $100" tournament. The only reason I don't like the Sahara is because of the super tight quarters. The food is a plus and the staff is good, I just prefer to have some room to move my arms without elbowing someone (or getting elbowed) when I play.I've read on Cardplayer.com that all the tournaments at Caesars have 40 minute rounds, but I would really like to v
  12. I've played at the Sahara and do not recommend it... unless you like playing 11 handed and being crowded in like a sardine, stay away.Go to the back of Cardplayer magazine for a full schedule of tournaments. I can suggest these: Harrah's 11AM $30 + one $40 rebuyBinion's 2PM $75 + one $40 rebuy
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