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  1. scroll down and see if you can find howard lederer calling you an ugly odd, freak.
  2. A good article at MW today with some insight from the AGA:articleEdward Lawrence, ReporterInsiders Look to Online Betting as Big BusinessNov 18, 2008 06:12 PM EST KLAS-TVThe economy took center stage at the largest gaming conference in the world that opened in Las Vegas. But the nation's economic struggles may actually be a win for the expansion of the gaming industry. These days almost anything is just a click away except legal gambling. For that, you must walk into a licensed and regulated casino. Next year that may change when congress goes back into session, according to American Gaming As
  3. I disagree, i think it is awesome he got so into it when the kid won the first car!!!"Dolphin safe tuna, great if you are a dolphin what if you are a fucken tuna"I saw him in stand up and that line cracked me up.
  4. I dunno anything about limit holdem but this looks prettier.
  5. any idea how to fix this for the new skin?
  6. i would be you would see spades more than hearts.
  7. you guys are on crack if you are folding top pair to this clown IMO
  8. I think this is pretty bad because we are putting in wayyyyy to much money hoping that we hit, and are almost never getting paid off when we do. Your implied odds have to be way higher.
  9. Am I the only one that finds check raises on the flop to be really strong? I mean I guess you don't really have to a choice on how to play it based on the guys stack size, but I expect him to have a two pair/set a lot.
  10. Also that holding call on Vrabel made me want to drown a kitten or two.
  11. Hi.... I gotta agree with FG here, I mean it is pretty incredible that the Pats are playing as well as they have despite having all of these injuries.Also cassel is finding his form, I predict a blow out coming up against a bunch of fish.
  12. I don't think the government should marry anyone, marriage is a religious thing... Government does civil unions or whatever you want to call it, if you want to get married go to a church. Gays get the same rights as straight couples./debate
  13. Bailout SleuthInteresting website if you haven't seen it yet.
  14. glad to hear you are mostly ok....
  15. I trust Bang Bus with my credit card why would I not trust pokerstars?
  16. I highly doubt that they would give 1% to anyone just for doing promotion, but I could be wrong...I would think people that got 1% put up cash... who knows.PS and to agree to do all of this "work" without a contract or some form of proof is just silly IMO
  17. I think he wants more people to go to poker road and look at his post FWIW...I can't imagine they are giving 1% to all the pros, and if they aren't giving 1% to all the pros than they aren't giving 1% to Cyclorama
  18. I never played Total Annihilation but starcraft is my fav game of all time... going to check out the diablo 3 vids right now.
  19. IMO there is no way that is true... i could be wrong but seems like one of those urban legends to me.
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