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  1. I got of got thrown into fixing someone’s mess of a poker tournament and need to know what the best blind structure and payout for a charity tournament. I am not sure also if we should allow rebuys in the first hour? Also if you know how long the tournament would take with that blind structure. (plus or minus)Thanks in advance for helping me out. PS and I am going to buy in to one soon just to see what it is like.

  2. I have noticed that when people ask for bankroll suggestions people tell them 200x the BB is that the case for limit? Because I usually sit down at the 2/4 table (it is a soft soft table) with about 100-150 bucks and I have never had a problem with not having enough chips. I have only made 7 trips so maybe I haven't played enough. What does everyone think?

  3. I don't understand why everyone bashes Chris Moneymaker first of all he did get lucky more times than most to win the WSOP but that still means he played what thousands of hands right. He isn't a Howard Lederer, but you know what? He Won and he deserves some sort of respect for that? Don't you think? I don't have a braclet and he does.I think the Poker Superstars Invitational is showing Chris exactly what type of person it takes to be playing with that caliber of player day in and day out. But to bash someone on some messageboard somewhere just to make yourself feel better. That is truly sad.

  4. aggressive or passive player(s)? Big pot or small pot? did anyone bet? is it checked you? what's your position? how many players? any draws onboard? relative position to a bettor?you should be asking yourself this everytime the action comes to you. If you aren't you probably aren't playing right.

  5. I am going to give it to foxwoods (for us New Englanders) has some pretty lose tables at the 2/4 but there are some sharks in the waters. I generally look for the people with 600 bucks in from of them (and of course watch how they play) But I got lucky and won 240 bucks in three hours at the 2/4. People calling all the way to the river with 8 high. MY GOD YOU WOULD THINK IT WAS PARTY POKER

  6. Alright I think I noticed a betting error that the winner of Jeopardy tonight. It was the finals and he was ahead in Seat 1 there was a man with 10,000 and seat 2 was the leader with 18,000 third seat was a non factor at roughly 3,000. Now the interesting part is there is only a prize for 1st place and you get the money you win. Now here is the odd part Seat 2 only bet 2,500 roughly. I am saying this is a mistake because there is no prize for second place. There is no reason not to bet the whole amount. (push all in if you will) Now you have to assume that Seat 1 is going to bet it all in order to have the best chance to win, you could also assume that Seat 3 is going to go all in as well. Now there are only a few different scenarios. If Seat 1 gets the question right Seat 2 also needs to get it right.. Another scenario is everyone gets everything right, in which case Seat 2 will be the winner if he bets at least 1,001 dollars. If Seat 2 gets it wrong and Seat 1 gets it right he will lose no matter what he bet. So he might as well bet it all. That little mistake cost him 13,500 dollars.I am not 100% sure about all of this so let me know if it makes sense.

  7. I would say that if you think you have the best hand come over the top (reraise) and see where you are in the hand. If your friend is liable to call the reraise with anything wait until you have the best hand and punish him. The next time he the flop checks around and he has rags he might just check it.

  8. I have been studying poker for about a year. I have read about 15 books cover to cover. Super system, lie make money, mike caros book of tells, TOP ect. and I went to the 2/4 table for the first time and in 3 hours took the table for about 240 bucks. Is it really that easy? I didn't get a single full house had 2 straights and a flush. Mostly high pair and two pair, but the people wouldn't fold. So I just kept raising when I thought I had the best hand. And in three hours I didn't turn over a loser and people were still calling my raises everytime. Some of the pots were 70-80 bucks. Have other people had this kind of experience or was it just a fluke?Any stories from people starting out with a 200 bank roll I am interested.

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