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  1. I'm saying I'm too aggressive for the lower stakes games. I don't think I adjust properly. I'm worse against people who call me down with 3rd pair.
  2. Have been playing poker for about a year and a half now, started playing and studying seriously about about a year ago (when I joined FCP actually). I'm young, I'm a quick learner and I reallly feel like I have a good knack for the game. I definitely come from the age where the first game you play is NLHE. I have played a bit of LimitHE with some mild success up to the 2-4 level, and a little PLO, but 95% of my play has been in NLHE My problem is that I ****ing suck at online NL cash games. I don't get it. I'm posting great profits playing 1-2NL at a local club with a bunch of old and i'd say
  3. No no, i screw neteller for 200 dollars so I want nothing to do with them right now lol.
  4. What happened to his blog, I liked it.
  5. Just wondering which ones you can do that with. I know trident poker works, but I'm not a big fan of the site. Any other ones. Any help is much appreciated....and no I can't use neteller. Let's just say I don't want them to get any more info on me then they already have. :twisted:
  6. So Copernicus, what you're saying is a if i raise it the 3x the bb, i really am committing myself, even if i know I'm dominated? I guess it wouldn't of been that bad because the bb was one of those middle stacks that has chips but can't really be giving any way.
  7. i have the divx player but it's saying it can't play the file. The file took like 2 secs to download so something is wrong.
  8. Was at a poker club in Chinatown on saturday for a $1000 freeroll that they're hosting to promote the club's 1-2 and 2-5 NL games. I frequently play the cash games but most of the people that showed up were there for the first time to check it out. Anyways, out of 82 people, i make it to the final table 7th out of 10 in chips with 5600, chip leader had about 20 000 25 000 and the blinds were 300-600 no ante. I had been getting a lot of respect at my previous (very shortstacked) table but now we had a lot of new faces and a lot more chips. It's folded to me in 3rd position with A Jo. Now only t
  9. $3 Poker Stars tourney! Come play, its what all the cool kids are doing. My id is Skoal_dip.
  10. shoutout to fullcontactpoker!!!!!!! nice!!!!!! right as i tuned on.
  11. In my 2-4 PStars experience, which is limited to a few hours, the players are less fishy and much more aggressive, I couldn't handle it and dropped back down to 1-2 with my tail in between my legs. Not saying that we'll happen to you at all, just saying I found it to be pretty difficult. Building up to 20 buyins, i think is a good idea, you'll be more comfortable, and have more experience.
  12. nice take down budd. last hand was harsh.
  13. This is an interesting point. I'd be more inclined to do that in a live game where you are likely to have more of a reputation. If that reputation is tight, then you can get away with it. Online, the players usually aren't paying attention to how you play and don't give a **** who you are.
  14. then you're playing into the aggressive players' strategies. by simply playing for set value, or playing your medium pair slow safely, you have lowered the value of your hand. it's true that you need to adapt your game according to your opponents, but not in this situation. by answering to aggression w/ meekness, you'll become way too easy to read by a good opponent. against aggressive opponents, you generally dont want to underplay your hands, because you'll never truly know where you are and end up giving up many pots w/ the best hand... or getting busted when you finally catch a good hand,
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