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  1. Hey clash. No I haven't seen Revolver. Thanks for the heads up about it. I hear it makes absolutely no sense.PS. COYS LOL. They are gonna win the fucking Premiership.
  2. Filesharer, I know you didn't mention this movie, but have you seen Revolver yet? If not I suggest that you don't bother. It has been mauled by film critics, but I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt as they said similar things about Snatch, and that was a great fucking movie in my opinion. Anyway, the film is so confusing and pretentious, easily the worst film I have ever seen.
  3. Mine is because of my love of the Clash. Clash City Rockers is the first song on the US version of their debut album. Not my favourite Clash song though, not even in my top 20.
  4. Happy Birthday. You share it with Lord Nelson. Nice.
  5. Is this gonna be today? I can't fucking wait. Good luck both of you (except teneight).
  6. :dance: Harp Rolling RockBud LightShinerTsing TaoDude, your first two choices own us all. Harp is so underrated and Rolling Rock is supreme too. Good choices. You've inspired me to categorise:From the tap - HarpIn a can - Red StripeIn a bottle - Rolling Rock
  7. So far our tag team consists of:ChuckStykarr2242clashcityrockerKowboyKooppatrickjNew recruits welcome. Heed the Call Up.
  8. You sir are a man of taste and decency.Thanks! Here are ten more:The VerveThe StrokesJetInterpolKings of LeonThe JamFranz FerdinandThe EditorsMaximo ParkGang of Four
  9. Yep. Top pros like Daniel Negreanu, and the top level players like Evelyn Ng and Chris Moneymaker. Total of 2 career final tables combined between the last 2.
  10. Hello. I like your name.an almost doors reference...nice lolNice signature you Smiths freak :-) . Do you like mine?
  11. "Listen kid" is probably the lamest start to a paragraph I've ever seen. He's played on the fucking WPT, newb. Show the man some respect.
  12. Of course teneight doesn't deserve to be banned. But he is asking for KowboyKoop to be banned because he finds him annoying. Some people might find teneight's posts annoying and pointless (starting a poll to get someone banned is kind of annoying), so if that is the criteria then ban him too. If KowboyKoop has done something really out of line then show me this, I read most of the threads and haven't seen anything that I would consider banworthy. Personalities clash, some people are irritating by nature, people don't always get along, whatever. Just move on and try to have fun. And ban m
  13. Why what has he donesorry you haven't been here that long. he is really annoyingteneightIf that is the criteria can we ban you too?
  14. The ShieldCSIThe Larry Sanders Show
  15. The ClashThe LibertinesOasisThe BeatlesRazorlightThe FutureheadsBloc PartyJoy DivisionThe SmithsThe Stone Roses
  16. The Michael Jackson version at the end of Moonwalker?I'm only familiar with the Beatles version.Come Together? Not that 100 % what it's called but it's a great song nonetheless.the red bull, what is your favourite RHCP song?
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