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  1. julian gardner was runner up to vakonyi in one of the championship WSOP event...cant remember, i think 2002.his a talented player. Its imposibble to know what he has. plays 72 off like it was AA, almost impossible to read, and always picking up dead money.
  2. Well' date=' this is obviously a pretty darn common situation, my friend.You have to ask yourself, what's more important to me:A. Improving my game by playing a more challenging higher stakes game (when you have the appropriate bankroll of course).orB. Crushing a game where I can make more money.Luckily for you, there's an answer. Do both. Play a couple of tables of lower limits, and throw in a higher-limit game. That way you get the challenge, and the cash.[/quote']good advice, never really thought about that myself. cheers m8.yes, i know it sounds like a stupid post, but was hoping to g
  3. Not sure if any other online semipro player can relate to this. I usually play on ladbrokes site, which is pretty soft in the low stakes. like any other player, I slowly build my way up, from 0.25/0.5 to 1/2 then to 5/10 and sometimes 10/20. (all this at No-limit)The problem with playing 5/10 was that the players were much better and did know what poker was about. I did survive at this limits, but barely, having perhaps 4 winning days and 3 losing ones in a week.Then 3 weeks ago, I decided to switch back to 1/2, and was amazed at how much easier it was to beat the game there. for 21 days, I ha
  4. very nice. one of the best tips I've seen.Cheers Socrates. No need for a calculator when i play online anymore.
  5. plays 300-600 limit holdem on ladbrokes.Yup, his TheSalmon on ladbrokes. well, spirit rock may be rule NL, but TheSalmon is a class of his own in limit HE. Averages more than 1BB/hour, and at that limits, 5 million is easily attainable in 3 years. He sits with 20K and its not uncommon to see him double up in an 8 hour day, which is an achievement considering its LHE. Haven't seem him lose yet. The players he play with aren't fish either. But still wondering why people play with him. They take money from the lower limits and pass it to him.
  6. I thought this is about best players considering recent tournament results? if you consider recent as this year, then people like phil helmuth shouldnt be in it.Just take this year's card player ranking.Rank Player Points 1 John Phan 3,690 2 Ted Forrest 3,108 3 Erick Lindgren 3,088 4 Michael Mizrachi 2,857 5 Amir Vahedi 2,578 John phan should be the hottest player at the moment, with major final table appearances. Ted forrest comes close.
  7. lol i wish i had now, but what would u do with that full house, i think the majority of players would have gone all in , and even if i had called and lost i probably would have been gone soon anyway with only like 20 chips left and blinds on 2/4. But thanks all for the feedback :-)i believe majority of the forum players would check call.
  8. if you pushed all in on the flop, and your friend rivers a royal flush, thats a bad beat.you pushed all in on the river, where u only would get called if you were beat. that was a mistake, not a bad beat.
  9. what satire? bill fillmaff is a world class player in his own right.he is the only worldwide champion! no one else has won it. johnny chan or doyle may have won WSOP, but so have many others.
  10. Yes, I think pros should watch themselves on WPT. apparently, Ron Rose doesn't, because he still gives away the same tells. if he has a strong hand, he takes his time, stretch his neck. if his bluffing, he check raises almost instantly. quite sure most of the other ppl at the final table picked it up. Julha helppi made all the correct laydowns and calls when sparring with Ron.
  11. I too started out playing on the internet. EVery time I got AA, KK, my whole body started shaking uncontrollably. When i started playing life, same thing happened. My first session, I lost $600 bucks. Everyone knew whether i had AA/KK or not. So I seeked advice from a friend. He told me to visualise all my hands as AQ, regardless of whatever I actually had. It helped. You tell yourself you have AQ, you're not that excited, but not weak either. So you have the same confident look.
  12. Agreed, with large fields, u need a lot of luck, especially when the blinds get very big at the end. won only 1 with >500 ppl and a couple of final tables. Usually play $50 buy-in and higher where there are less ppl (<300). Grind my way into money finishes., which is alot easier with less then 300 ppl. More profitable, less variance.
  13. UB, prima, ladbrokes, all the sites using microgaming software have this miniview. you can fit 4 tables perfectly onto 1 screen. neat.
  14. sorry bro, dont think you will get anything at all. they have a disclaimer which clears them of any liability. happen to me b4. 100NL tourny, 50K guaranteed. no d/c protection8 ppl left. 2nd in chip stack with 180K chips. blinds 4K/8K.raised 3XBB with A10Hcalled by chip leader with 200Kflopped nut flush. bet 5XBB, pretending to steal. chip leader raise to10XBB.pretend to be weak, ponder, then call.turn, check. Chip leader goes all in. rubbing my hands with glee. click on call. nothing happensclick again. message: you have been disconnected. try to reload program. no avail. manage to get ba
  15. maxypaxy is australian pro tino lechich. Was at a bellagio WPT final in 2003, and party poker million this year. quite a good player too
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