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  1. Wow Tritz, I thought you were flying planes or something. I still don't believe you fwiw.
  2. I was screwing around on pokerstars yesterday trying to figure out what to do with my FPP's and i entered and won a satellite to the sunday million on stars. I'm not going to play in it so who wants the t$? I will send the 215 entry for 200 obo for anyone who wants it.
  3. insano

    Guitar Video

    I happened to stumple upon this gem today. Terrible song, but bring back memories.http://video.msn.com/v/us/v.htm?g=f4f62db2...=05&fg=copy
  4. Lol... I'm not sure what to even say to this.
  5. I seriously think you have a program running on your computer that lets you know everytime there is a post with the keyword "liberal" in it. But if you don't, maybe you should?
  6. insano

    The Gun Debate

    I agree, and I'm not in any way saying that people should have easy access to guns.I believe that a simple gun ban would not do anything to actually limit the amout of violence in our society. I'm not even convinced that a gun ban would even limit the amount of guns on the street. It would just make it harder for your average person to obtain one because you couldn't go to wal mart and buy one anymore.As far as the problem, i'm not really sure. There is an obvious problem in our society related to violence, but identifying and solving the problem I am clueless how to do. Maybe it's in human na
  7. insano

    The Gun Debate

    In my mind, the issue of gun control is fairly simple. In a perfect world, we could outlaw guns, everyone would get rid of their guns and / or stop obtaining them, and then bam... No more guns. It's obviously not a perfect world, and even if it was, what does gun control solve? People were being murdered long before guns were invented, and even if guns were eliminated other methods of killing would soon arrise. Hell, with technology at the point that it is BETTER forms of killing might even come about.We can't treat the symptoms of a larger underlying problem by eliminating one form of violenc
  8. What a horrible tragedy. RIP to all those who lost their lives. The students and their families will be in our thoughts and prayers.
  9. insano

    Car Help

    I HIGHLY doubt that... if your CV's were rubbing the noise would be a lot more constant. But thats just my .02. When CV's dry up or start to wear the noise you end up with is a constant squealing anytime the suspension moves. It doesn't come and go either, it just stays there. I'm telling you, without getting it checked out we can sit here all day and speculate.
  10. insano

    Car Help

    kurt you might need lubed up, whens the last time you got lubed?
  11. insano

    Car Help

    It could be any number of things in the suspension, or perhaps the rear sway bar. You need to either check it out yourself, or take it to a mechanic. There are two many possible parts that could cause a knocking, espcially going over bumps and turns.
  12. You know, it's funny how every time i'm trapped on the train tracks with a train coming towards me, I always seem to find a hatchet on the ground next to me. Rarely am I blessed by such fortune.
  13. insano

    Game Of The Week

    Buy the extra machine gunners. They make it a lot easier (and more fun).The only thing you have to watch out for then is the tanks in the later levels.
  14. I think I am going to start making these every week, with games that seem like they could get people fired. Good times.This weeks installment: http://www.ugotgames.com/action/storm-the-house.php?big=1It takes a few rounds to get used to it, but you WILL get carple tunnel (sp?)
  15. insano


    irony isn't even the word
  16. Why mention blacks? That's no different than saying I hate candians because they are canadian. I'm tired of all this racial bullshit. People are people. Skin color, origin, place of birth, hair color, penal insertion preferences, etc... SHOULDN"T FUCKING MATTER.
  17. He has a right to hate whoever he wants, whether they are gay, straight, blue, or purple.Why are his views autmatically considered terrible and wrong?Seriously, stop whining everyone. You disagree, fine. But when you start hating him for his views you just became exactly what you hated in the first place.
  18. That would be a great game, regardless.
  19. This is usually true, but when all your recievers are covered up downfield, it changes things. Also, once he got nailed by a safety a few times who came unblocked (alex boone has been doing this all year), he started paying too much attention to what was going on in the pocket instead of looking downfield.What really hurt Troy was the loss of his passing lanes when he broke out of the pocket. In all the games previous to this one he was able to run away, turn, and throw the ball downfield. But the florida DE's were so fast, that by the time he went outisde, he was covered up (or on the ground)
  20. I agree. I think we could have had 14 guys on the line and still would not have been able to block floridas front four. They were amazing.
  21. I'm loyal to the Big10 as much as the next guy, but come on. Arguing that SEC teams don't play a tough OOC schedule proves nothing. It's the tough conference games that make the SEC tough. Just like the Big10 (with exception to the past few years) the SEC prides itself on a having a strong conference while having multiple teams capable of competing for national championships. The Big10 has been doing it longer, but the SEC is here to stay (imo).
  22. Ok, a couple things.1) It's Ohio State, not Ohio. It's like saying Michigan instead of Michigan State.... They are two completely different universities. Just wanted to clear that up.2) The better team won the game, without question. That was the most impressive defensive performance I have ever seen by a football team. Complete and total domination on the line, in the middle, downfield, ... everywhere.3) I am a buckeye and the loss hurts, but don't overlook the great season we had just to get to the championship.4) The SEC is the best conference this year. Period. But that's not to say that F
  23. still waiting on an inv to whoever has oneinsano5000@hotmail.commuch appreciated!
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