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  1. Daniel, you should buy the rights to all the footage and make your own DVD of all the hands you played and the thoughts behind them. Absolutely an amazing feat.
  2. I was reserving judgment on you Patty, until I saw your reply to the one asking for more info."I am single, never married, and no kids. No, I am not ugly! Just haven't found the right person. "That made me laugh. I hope you like your new job.Just remember, it entails dealing with all of us here, as well as the Miamiairport calling wanting to know if you know why a guy has 300,000 dollars stuffed into a hockey duffel bag.
  3. The unhappy truth is that Stuey was dead inside before his last comebacks. Money wasn't going to turn his life around; it only provided him with temptation. No one really seemed to know who Stuey was beyond the poker table-he had the perfect personality to become a monster winner, but it didn't provide him any true friends to share it with. His is a cautionary tale for all the big winners today.
  4. It was Doyle in the library with a suited pair.
  5. Is Daniel Negreanu "genuine and Real"? That's like asking was Stu Ungar a"Sugar Nut"? A big Yes on both counts.
  6. Close. Actually that is a Publicity Shot for the Christmas movie "Poker Santa" starring Robert Deniro as the gambling old gent, and TJ Cloutier on the far right just going out of view.
  7. When you jump on anybody trying to change the subject by saying, "What's that got to do with poker?"
  8. Good article by Daniel. Just one thing...Had Ted Forrest been playing Howard Lederer, and not gone All-In with three aces-2 sixes, his play could be criticized.However, Ted Forrest wasn't playing a Math Guy, but Daniel Negreanu! Here are the clues:First early in the article, Daniel (A Q) explains why he did not raise Ted (AA) with hole cards that would logically call for a raise."Knowing how tricky Ted can be, I couldn’t rule out the possibility that he was setting a trap in this situation, so I decided to proceed cautiously by just calling."The flop came 6-6-4.On the river Daniel gave
  9. No, Daniel. Don't write in your blog about the hand you bluffed Steven Smith with 8 high. We're not that desperate. :-)"How did you know you could bluff me." DN "You told everybody you had nothing!" Then Steven got mad and said if it was a real poker hand he wouldn't have said that.I agree that Daniel was the only one shown to advantage, although McManus said some true things in a taped segment.
  10. I think DN's blog reflects his belief that poker is fun, but if you look for poker to sustain you emotionally, or obsess about your results, it can take you into a downward spiral. If you look close though, you can see his poker philosophy in his life decisions-money in itself means nothing= give away your money to strangers or people with dreamsthe odd situation appeals to him, such as hitchhiking to Vegas=playing connectors where his wits are the only resource he has after some flops.I do get the feeling lately though that his blog is a little boring for him to write, and that it may end so
  11. I raise. But I advise everyone else to move along.Go home people.
  12. Not a bad innovation if it is only done once a session. I noticed the players were a little embarrassed asking to see hands, as if they didn't want to show that they needed to know what the winner had. It probably gives information both ways.
  13. "That's exactly what I put you on."
  14. I pound on the table, stand up and yell "Vindication!"
  15. "I call, by the way." Doyle Brunson
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