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  1. umm I am not so sure about that. Did you see how he went out yesterday?he moved all in on a K K 10 flop with AJ. Other guy had AQ.hmm...yeah, i (respectfully) didn't buy DN's justification for the hand in his blog either. risk/reward didn't make sense no matter how you look at it.He did neglect a few 'weaker' hands (as per his read) that his opponent could have had that he would have been in a lot more trouble against. Namely KQ, KJ or even TT that he would have had an easy call with.Still that was a tough call for his opponent to make with AQ. I guess he figured the exact same thing as Negr
  2. Why are you so arrogant?You can't play KQ profitably if you're going to fold all the time on a Q-high flop. If that's the case then you should be looking to play fewer hands, not more. KQ is playable in NL games, especially NL ones, but you need to know your opponents well. You cannot profitably play any hands only for straight value.
  3. It would be tough to show independence of events, whether hand-to-hand, day-to-day, match-to-match, etc. If the lacking of confidence and the hurt from losing will at all affect a future match and come even in small part because of a previous match, then (pure) independence is not there.You're right of course and I originally hesitated to use the word independent there (I agree that I shouldn't have). I was trying to dispute the claim by one poster that just because someone predicted Barry was going to win the matches 6-3 (assuming that DN doesn't make a comeback in this match at which point
  4. Oh, fair enough. Didn't mean to lecture--I just know that a lot of FCP'ers don't play 7 stud and, $3/$6 relative novice that I am, 7 stud is my favorite game and I like the opportunity to discuss it, for any excuse .It's Daniel's site... what else would you expect? I'm not there, so I don't know if Barry really is drawing out on the river more often than Daniel, or if Daniel is missing his draws more often than Barry. I don't have any reason to doubt the reports. Barry himself said that the cards won it for him in the first match.Daniel has insisted that he thinks he has the edge heads up,
  5. Yep, DN is a 2-1 dog against Barry. Yep, that sounds about right. (sw)If he's down 2-0 after this match (as was the case being considered by the above poster) then Barry will only need to win 4 out of the next 7 matches to win 6 out of 9 for the series. In independent events there is no such thing as being "due" for a win. So if in fact Barry wins the first two matches then that won't make it more likely for Daniel to in the next one. If anything it will make him less likely due to lacking confidence, being stuck $1 million dollars and Barry getting to choose the next game to play. It is rea
  6. What? Playing every hand wasn't a winning strategy? Geez all those low limit players at the casino who love to see every flop can't be wrong can they?
  7. Wow, am I the only one who found the end of that interview depressing? He pretty much admitted that if he loses most of these $500K matches then he'll be close to broke. "I've got a lot of gamble in me." Damn, I really think he should put more thought into risking his entire life's earnings on what amounts to a pissing contest that really only proves who can get lucky in a few heads up matches.Geez, I play terrible players when I play poker and I've had a few losing nights in a row before. There is a lot of luck in the short run at poker. And yes ten 10 hour heads up matches is definitely the
  8. Probably because he can do math. A draw with 14 outs on the flop is a slight favourite to win once all the cards are dealt. The big stack he built during rebuy mania allows him to make those sorts of calls without putting all his chips at risk.Great analysis. :roll: Too bad we can't all "do the math" as well as you can.His stack was about 14K last I heard and he risked about a third of it on a draw that hits less than one in three times (when he called on the turn).
  9. I agree, that seems like a weird call to me too. He risked about half his stack on this hand with a flush draw on a paired board. He called a $1500 bet into a $1000 pot on the flop with 12 outs (3:1 odds against) getting less than 2:1 pot odds. Then he calls an all in on the turn when he picks up two more outs with 2:1 pot odds and still only a little better than 3:1 odds of hitting.My only explanation is that he wants to gamble and build a big stack in this tournament to give himself a chance to win it.
  10. Is it actually enjoyable to watch live poker games when you can't see any hole cards? I love watching poker on TV when you can see everyone's hand and follow their decisions. But I just can't see it being at all enjoyable when most of the time there's a fold before showdown or you only get to see one player's hand. I guess the high stakes would make it interesting to see.
  11. nah, its 500k in 50k chunks.I know 5 million would be a chunk for both players. But so ten 50k chunks would mke more sense, however when I read it I thought the first statement was the scenario.Either way HERE WE GO!!!I understood from Daniel's blog that each individual match will be between $100K and $500K. So from my understanding there will be 10 games with Barry at $0.5 million each. I'm not sure if I missed some other details elsewhere however.Despite being a big fan of his, I think that Daniel has lost his marbles. How much is he worth total? Maybe $5-10 million? And he wants to risk sev
  12. You didn't mention what the tournament payout structure is. That's pretty vital information.The pot odds on your call are about 100:30, which is about 3.3:1. And you're probably closing the action with the call. This seems like a no brainer. You only need to win just over 25% of the time here. If there were other tournament survival strategies to consider then you should have just folded 99 in the first place. You made a healthy raise, but not an all in, to try to induce an all-in from a worse hand. You have succeeded in inducing a reraise, so you've got to call with what is probably the bes
  13. Since you clearly have NO comprehension of the math involved, just take the advice of the wiser people on this forum. Don't fold top pair with a Jack high flush draw in a multiway pot. Just don't.(Worst. Math. Ever.)The key term is multiway pot. I wouldn't fold that hand heads up but multiway pot with that betting action, it isn't a bet, call, call, call scenario, it's bet call raise call, call,call on the flop then bet raise call,call on the turn. Why don't you guys advance to the second level and start putting your opponents on hands. Take your own advice and listen to somebody wiser.Wo
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