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  1. I'm really starting to buy into the Krablar hype....#Game No : 2107832825 ***** Hand History for Game 2107832825 *****$0.5/$1 Hold'em - Thursday, May 26, 05:25:00 EDT 2005Table Table 12631 (Real Money)Seat 5 is the buttonTotal number of players : 6 Seat 1: PekkaBoy ( $33.75 )Seat 4: Ger_Brockie ( $32.94 )Seat 6: mildabeaste ( $31 )Seat 7: VT126 ( $33.01 )Seat 2: BLACKJACKBEC ( $22.5 )Seat 5: b0ngtarts ( $10 )mildabeaste posts small blind [$0.25].VT126 posts big blind [$0.5].** Dealing down cards **Dealt to VT126 [ Kh 3h ]PekkaBoy calls [$0.5].Ger_Brockie folds.b0ngtarts calls [$0.5].mildabea
  2. It's no fun that way.It's the first time I played this hand, so in personal testing, it's 100% against any hand. ;)Chill out man!
  3. I raised every street with it... for shits and giggles.. FCP, making me a better player every day..
  4. #Game No : 2106221851 ***** Hand History for Game 2106221851 *****$0.5/$1 Hold'em - Wednesday, May 25, 22:53:33 EDT 2005Table Table 15542 (No DP) (Real Money)Seat 10 is the buttonTotal number of players : 6 Seat 1: oknbjiu ( $12 )Seat 5: slipperyjo ( $48.63 )Seat 9: WF76C ( $31.12 )Seat 10: Keith5518 ( $26 )Seat 6: VT126 ( $28 )Seat 4: naparima ( $12 )oknbjiu posts small blind [$0.25].celsi has joined the table.naparima is sitting out.slipperyjo posts big blind [$0.5].celsi posts big blind [$0.5].** Dealing down cards **Dealt to VT126 [ Kh 3d ]VT126 raises [$1].celsi calls [$0.5].WF76C calls
  5. Where's the poker content? The only thing in the song is he says "cut loose like a deuce another runner in the night" kind of a stretch and certainly not a hard one to be missed by "hardcore poker players"The entire song is about a poker game... so before you get smarmy, (or so I'm told)
  6. No one's picked "Blinded by the Light" by Springsteen yet? Jeez.. what kind of hardcore poker players are you?
  7. Heh...It's great to take your skills away from poker. I love just watching people and know what they're thinking from their mannerisms. It really is startling how much information the body gives away and how poker hones that skill for you. At work, I can pretty much put people on whether they're lying or not or manipulate what I know they're feeling to my advantage.I love just staring at someone and then just come out with "I know you're not telling me something, so let's just get to the point here".My employees don't even try to lie to me anymore because I've just told them a *ton* of times,
  8. Somebody was watching rounders too much... lolThe lost art of the "it looks like a value bet, but it's not" is lost on the new players...
  9. "That's what the internet is for... slandering people anonymously."1. Who the hell cares how much debt Gus is in? Is it your business? Did it affect you at the table last night? Did you wake up today worrying about it?2. Discussing it like we have an f'n clue is absurd. 3. Fake accounts are ridiculous.. "I know people you haven't even heard of..." I know plenty of people you've never heard of, I'll bet you don't know ANYONE I know. It doesn't make me an expert of poker finances!
  10. I'm in Woodbury, so not too far away.If you're interested, drop me a pm
  11. Maybe, but to me this makes him look like an angle-shooting douche bag."You see all the angles ... you just never have the stones to play them." Amen, there Mikey McDee.
  12. Hmmm... unethical? Yes.Smart way to use the rules? Yup.
  13. Never heard of it.It also sounds f'd up if you're not in the group. Essentially, you're playing against a team.
  14. You missed the point completely... and I never said they were the same skill level. Stop with the semantics, already.The point is this... it's comparing apples and oranges when it comes to tourney vs. Ring game play. There's a ceiling on how much you can win (with regards to chip count) and a basement on how much you can lose. If you bust out in a cash game, you can just buy-in again.. for as much money as you can scrape together.That dynamic alone makes the two types radically different. Take a bad beat from a poor player in a ring game and you can just rebuy and win your chips back. Do that
  15. Bad analogy.It's more along the lines of a street ball player scrapping it in the NBA and Michael Jordan playing in a NY street court / cash game.Like I said before they're both "basketball" but after about 10 minutes, you realize they're not really even the same sport except for the ball and hoop (or checks and cards in this case).
  16. The more I think about this, the more I think BG is an ignorant ass.Saying that Ring Game players are "better" than tourney players is asinine, because I think they're two different beasts. Some people can jump between easily, most can't.It's like saying the Arena League and the NFL are the same because they're both called football. To the untrained eye, they're both football and they look the same, but they are radically different after learning even a tiny bit of the game.Barry is bitter and jealous that he's not a "big" name in poker on the celebrity level of the popular TV players. Doyle h
  17. We all have egos.It's what drives you after a bad session, a bad beat or what keeps you going after you know you can crush the table.Barry is great, that's undisputable, but what I think fuels his and many other "big cash" players and/or old guard poker pros is the fact that they are missing or missed the big time TV/popularization of poker. Many of these guys ground it out on their a$$es for years only to see a new breed of player come in and start making something out of poker that they couldn't.Of course they're going to defend their "big game" because they truly believe they're the best an
  18. After I read this article, something sort of dawned on me.Barry Greenstein, while donating his winnings to charity, isn't doing it at least in part, for the right reasons.I think it's his way of showing contempt for the "tourney pros". All the money they would kill to get, he just gives away.. maybe as a way to wave the middle finger at them and show his contempt for them being branded as the "greatest" and not him.I dunno... just a though.
  19. Shana Hiatt told me on wed night the best way was to hang a bad beat on someone...
  20. That's why there are things called luck, percentages and probability...
  21. It makes Stolzman have to have a VERY good hand to call it. An overbet like that let's you know where you stand in that hand. IIRC, he was a big chip lead on that hand and you don't want him in there with a marginal hand, drawing out.(Which is what did him in on the Broadway vs. 2 Pair hand)
  22. Besides Scotty saying "You have to swallow" and the fact he was staring at Shana's tits the entire time?
  23. I could never figure that out, someone told me it was called "Three Toed Pete".
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