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  1. Why does George develop a crush on Elaine?
  2. When Jerry bounces a check and has it posted on the wall of the store, what type of design does the check have on it?Same episode:How fast does Little Jerry from from Jerry's to Newmans??
  3. Larry DavidThat may be his name, I am not sure. What role does he play? Who is he in relation to George's dad?
  4. Jerry and Elaine once see George's father walking with a man in a cape. Who is this man in the cape?
  5. When George is interviewing candidates for his wifes memorial scholarship, what career does the kid he picks say he wants to go into and then what does he later change his mind to in front of the comittee??
  6. What power does Jerry argue that Superman must have since he has super everything else?
  7. Took a trivia quiz on Seinfield one time and missed 1 question,. I dont remember the answer but this is a tough one.What is the name of the women that causes kramer to have seizures whenever he hears her voice?
  8. Some Serbian guy wasnt it?You know the Serbs are fanatics about their showering Same episode. What is Elaine accused of and what does that have to do wiht the low flow showers?
  9. Ice Cream Shop?No, it was the bagel shop
  10. Some Serbian guy wasnt it?You know the Serbs are fanatics about their showering
  11. She sang. Blue moon or something wasnt it?
  12. What former job has kramer been on strike from for many years?
  13. cry cry againThis is tricky. Deathblow was the one he was held at gunpoint for while cry cry again was when the candy eating fella had a bat in his hand.
  14. It was 3 names wasnt it. bennet, openheimer, smith or something. I may be way off but that sounds close. Maybe bennet, Openheimer, Taft
  15. After jerry states that he is so hungry he could eat a horse, which of Kramers friends does he claim to actually eat horse??
  16. I like it too. It makes it look like timid. If you were bluffing for the pot you'd expect a much larger bet. I think this is what set your opponent up for the all-in call.Gotta love flopped quads!agree. i like the weak lead.6$ would have been a weak lead. $2 was a please dont fold and let my quad aces not make any more money bet. Any way, nice pot. Always nice to get paid off when you flop the huge hand
  17. He can hit a spade, nine, or 4 and likely win this pot.True, but the 9 and the 4 are included there and that gives him only 13 outs.Maybe only my opinion, but I would rather not CALL an all-in with only 13 outs vs. 33 dead cards.Correct me if I'm wrong.Your wrong about the outs. we have 15. 9 spades and 6 non spade 4's and 9's. I dont think raising here does us much goos unless BB is on a stone cold bluff and we can get UTG to fold. he will be getting over 2-1 on his money though so he may stay in for a pot this big and he may already have a big hand. Even if he has trips though we stil
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