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  1. i find playing 1 2 limit u get a fpp for 40% of hands played so 40 out of 1000 hands will count towards ur bonus
  2. I Have played in 4 10 rebuys for a few different wcoop events two pl and nl and i have won a seat everytime with little ease. I havce earned 860 W$ with little ease has anyone else had this kind of success i think i am doing so well cause they are not turbo tourys any thoughts on these tourys
  3. I am looking for a website where i can sell W $ from poker stars
  4. i love u guys wow play 24 or 3 6 limit and think they know it all cause there brankroll has 300 times bb i love it really u know nothin and cant hack it live
  5. that is a great reply "go way"wow ur full of class i wish i was at a poker table with u claay guy u are
  6. Raymer is a great champion and nothin but a class act with great talent for poker win or lose after these series people are gonna be asking moneymakey who ... Chris Moneymaker will be like paul shore everyone will hate him and want him to die lol Damn i hate moneymaker
  7. What kinda i Bankroll do u need to play 5$ and 10 $ sng
  8. I have a friend who just started playing online and he is gonna be playing .50 1 limit and 1 2 limit so i was wondering what i could tell him to expect to win weekly if he play 20hrs a week does anyone have any results for these games 3 tables at one time
  9. I was wondering what a some weekly earning at 50 1 limit and 1 2 limit ty
  10. U always see on this site about grea poker books but on the flip sdie what are some books u guys just thought were terrible For me it is play poker like the pros by phill hellmuth
  11. U always see on this site about grea poker books but on the flip sdie what are some books u guys just thought were terrible For me it is play poker like the pros by phill hellmuth
  12. "I will break you like a beer bottle on the side of a curb."Swingy"I will crush you like a piece of cereal."PapmuthI will crumble you like a cracker, and put you in my soup.Swingy"If you draw out on me one more time I 'm going to show you how we used to play poker in prison, ...and it ain't with cards beautiful." 50outz"I was running so badly, I swear, if it was raining pussy ...I would get hit by a dick."50outz"If you want to push buttons at random, go play in an elevator" Goodfella57"Even a goof ball can catch cards." Sam Grizzle"I am going to put my evil inside of you." Trutrip151"I'm worki
  13. "I will take down your stack faster than Bobby Fisher takes down opponents in Chess"Phil Papmuth"You've been PAP'dPhil Papmuth"I crush you like stale government rationed bread"Profe$$ional {must be the Russinan Phil Papmuth}"I have moves Muhammad Ali only dreamed about"Phil Papmuth"Hey Fischman I thought I saw you on TV last night, come to find out it was the ladies event of the WSOP"sdouble"I'm pushin you around like a midget at the airport"The_Gee_Man"I am gonna hang you out to dry just like I did with your girl friends panties"Papmuth"Congrats you just paid for my happy meal"KiD[ReD]"It's b
  14. what is ur name on ps becaause only 3 months ago i was playing 50nl and then moved up to 100 nl and just torn it up and moved up to 200nl 6 weeks a go
  15. that was my bad i have made over 800 every week for last six weeka since i moved up to 12 nl from .5 1 nl
  16. no sorry i thoguht u would assume i meet over 800 a week not 800 over 6 weeks
  17. i live limit live but online i just have not been succes ful on nl is my game foresure I dont want ur live results at trop i want online nl results cause i make alot more than 650 a session at brogata in 2 5 nl game
  18. but i only play 25 hrs fake net times realy does not matter
  19. OK for the past 6 weeks i have made over 800$$ playing 1 2 nl on pokerstars 4 tables at once for about 25 to 30 a week are these results noramally at this leve l.....is it crazy to think i can maintain this..What are ur thoughts
  20. so i guess my question was not that dumb cause u guy seem to be confuced to
  21. ok ty for clearing that up but i got two different answears so what is right one
  22. I just got into limit poker online... i have always played nl OK here is my question u alway hear about keeping 300 times bb as ur bankrollMy question is this bb meaning big blind or big bet So is my br suppose to be 300 times big blind Or 300 big bet
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