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  1. good run at it teneight.. just logged on and saw the AQ v AJ... not much you can do.
  2. You have to realize that the "Big Game" is not spread all the time. Most of the time the pros are playing 1k/2k, not 4k/8k.
  3. Enjoyed playing with everyone. I'm glad you like my 'buffbrad' name. Sad to say i bluffed off all my chips in this one. Best of luck to those still in it.
  4. I thought that Dnaiel was probably AmazingGrace on PokerStars. This guy is from Las Vegas and has been sitting in the 100/200 game lately. Thought maybe that it was DN due to his recent religious experience.
  5. Yes I'm sorry I didn't realize I failed to mention that he indeed had JJ. I had already committed half my stack to the pot and felt like even if he had the wrap I was committed to the hand. The A-K-Q-x is what i had him on.
  6. Loose passive game in 1/2 PL Omaha on Interpoker. I limp two off the button with J-10-10-9 double suited. One player behind me calls and one player from early position has already called. Flop comes J-10-3 rainbow. I bet pot and get reraised pot. I move all in with middle set thinking the other guy could not have JJ as I have one of them. Was i wrong to call this reraise?
  7. I was just wondering which site had the lowest antes for the stud games? Thanks.
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