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  1. i work at sports authority and we sell them there. they are pretty good tables, obviously they dont compare to the top of the line tables but definitely better than the fold-up ones. i'd get one if i thought i needed it.
  2. ever get the feeling this forumn is stagnating with massive repeated threads?
  3. What the heck is omaha? Yes it's hold em, what other game do you get aces in? I think espn just say its the best starting hand because they want more suckers for their events. and saying 72 is the worst hand is just rediculous 23 is. Any idiot would know that ace king suited is the best hand because you can make royal flushes with it all the time.Yup... he's "that guy"was just about to type that... don't be "that guy" :-)
  4. not out til November 22nd. and if not reserved, the new year.
  5. minh ly's royal flush bus ran him over...
  6. Majoring in Political Science and English.Southern Methodist University.
  7. caphair


    so who do you guys see coming out of the AL for the World Series?
  8. I have a feeling that ship sailed...Daniel named the time and place, basically called Neverwin out, and Neverwin "Nevershowed". If I was Daniel, I'd be hounding the kid to make good on the challenge, but he's got a long line of people waiting to give away their money.not to defend neverwin, cuz im not a fan, but i doubt DN has had time for the match. according to neverwin during the wcoop, the match is still on though, i believe he said october.
  9. i like the OP's name. the subject/author of this post
  10. emptyseat88.one of the first ones busted
  11. i was just spammed by the same guy. blocked...
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