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  1. I was interested in seeing anyone has had experiences similar to mine or if there are customs that do not follow the letter of the rules. You can Google all the rules in the world, but that is not all that you might need to be well informed. Why do you waste your time responding to questions that have already been answered? You obviously have some personal issues.Vescere bracis meis
  2. BTW: I just saw this happen to Scotty Nguyen during the PPT coverage last week. He showed one card and I believe someone asked to see the other one and the dealer flipped it over. At any rate, the dealer flipped it and Scotty was PISSED.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I always thought the "show one show all" rule applied to having to show your cards to every player if you show them to one player. I guess I'm right about that. At the Bicycle Casino the timid dealers are often bullied into showing a second card after the first one was shown and tossed into the muck. The players cry "show one show all". Next time I see this I am calling in the floorman.I found this...The Show One Show All rule reads: Show one, show all. Players are entitled to receive equal access to information about the contents of another player’s hand. After a dea
  4. At casinos they usually make you show both cards if you show one. I notice in some tourneys they allow a player to show only one card when they win with an uncalled bet. Showing one card can clearly be a clever tactical tool.I believe I have read that the Hold 'Em "rules" call for you to show both if you show any, but this is not always followed. Is there some standard applied in this matter, or is it like the "one ball" provision in golf, where the individual event or organization has the option to apply the rule?Koroshiya
  5. I think the Hustler offers a range of NL games like the rest, but I have only played $50 $1/$2 nl.I have played some early mornings at Commerce lately, but by noon the noise level gets out of control. Anytime I am playing afternoons or evenings, I prefer the Hustler.K
  6. Not always. I see players get married to a big over pair all the time and play it to the river when it is pretty clear they are beat.i.e., you get AA (or any big pair) in the pocket and the flop comes 336... Any bet, raise or reraise from either blind means you are in trouble. But how many players will lay down AA with those under cards on the board? If you get too happy with your rockets or cowboys, you can get sucked into playing on, against all reason. Against any likely OE straight draw, flush draw in a suit opposite of your cards, any pair on the board, any aggression against your bet or
  7. Your honor, I submit Phil Hellmuth as exhibit A.Phil is vain, but not petty. And when he presents himself as a better player than someone else, he has the accomplishments to back it up. Otnemem, for reasons unclear to anyone without a PhD is psychology, belittled Steve Badger's credentials and presented himself as a more accomplished player. Two facts remain clear 1) Badger gives good advice in the article I quoted and 2) he has accomplished more than Ot-dick. The reason I suspect Ot-dick can't be much good at poker is primarily that he has little emotional control. In this thread he has gon
  8. With all this time to devote to put-downs of another player, I'm surprised you haven't taken the time to point us to your statistics. I'm sure your WSOP bracelets and career stats are quite impressive and qualify you to be critical of anyone's achievements. But appropriate none the less. Someone this petty and vain cannot possibly be any good at poker.K
  9. Not a bad record actually. A WSOP Bracelet and over $200K in career earnings. And that event he won in 1999... he beat Phil Hellmuth (5th), Ted Forrest (9th) and Daniel Negreanu (12th).I think we know who the knob is.K
  10. To the definition of a bad beat: I read post after post in forums, and hear the same complaints at the tables, from people crying about how they got beat with AA or KK. I choose to raise my standard for a "bad beat" to something a little more unexpected and more unlikely. Again, in an effort to stop regarding good starting hands as winning hands.I guess exaggerations help make your lame argument seem justified, but Badger is hardly my "mentor". I quoted him what he had to say, which is good general advice for any player. You are seem to be too much of a hot head to be very good at any game. At
  11. What other competitive sport can you think of where people who have just learned to play, or have never even played in a live tournament before, can not only compete, but win top prize? The correct answer is "none". This is why we may see fewer former champions at final tables in the future. Working their way through hundreds, or thousands, of less experienced players who chase after draws and defend weak hands only to suck out wins, will become nearly impossible. On the WPT programs, Mike Sexton loves to rave about how some player or players at the final table have only been playing a short t
  12. I figured the comment that AA and KK are weak or only semi-good would get some pin-head's panties in a wad. But since I have started viewing high pocket pairs as less than "the best, most F***ing fantastic hands I could ever ask for", I've found them easier to lay down when they are probably beat.The point is that AA or KK in the pocket is only a great hand until the flop, then you have to re-evaluate. You really don't know how good they are until you see the next three cards.I understand the odds and the value of the cards, but pocket AA is a great hand if you are only playing with two cards
  13. I hear lots of complaints about how someone lost with AA or KK and other semi-good/weak hands. AA and KK are just pairs. A pair is the second lowest ranked hand. There are lots of ways to beat a pair. A bad beat worth mentioning is one of the top ranked hands losing, like quads or a boat. The problem is of course that when we have pocket aces, or trip kings or aces, we assume we are going to win, so it seems unfair when we don't. Those are good hands, but not great hands.Even pocket AK that catches AK2 on the flop, however strong the 2 pair looks, is beat by pocket dueces. - Koroshiya
  14. You payed for them. It's not stealing... unless you get them from another player's stack.I bought a set of the resin composite chips (500 w/ case for $65). They are a little heavier and slicker than casino chips, but everyone I play with likes them fine.Koroshiya
  15. I go back and forth on the issue of trusting poker sites. It seems to me when I have not played at a site for a few weeks and I go back, I suddenly get a lot of good hands. Then, after a while, I can't catch a break, start losing to 20:1 draws, and my money begins to fade away. But without any good objective data, I can't say that the results are any different than casino or home games.However, poker websites exist to make money and they have access to your statistics and all the cards. It defies logic and the lessons of history to think they would not skew the game in their favor. A slight sh
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