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  1. One of the few hands that I would have folded in that situation, but what ya gonna do? wait for 7-2o on the next hand?
  2. your CPU isnt plugged into the wall, its attached to the motherboard. I'm actually going to start playing online poker with a computer, just to be sure that I'm safe from the Bots. Still working out the details...
  3. What's it matter? she doesn't get dressed when she goes out...
  4. Bots aren't the important thing. What's importnat is that I just called Geico and I'm going to save a ton of money on my auto insurance!
  5. GO Daniel!!!!You definitely have the ability and focus to do it!!! Your mother cooking for you is a definite plus! Nothing like a home cooked meal!
  6. WOW!!! i watched Charlie Sheen play poker!
  7. flopjunkie - He was playing some guy named far and got HAMMERED. I haven't seen him since.
  8. This is the best post I've read today!
  9. For those of you who are currently in college. Good luck! I hope an FCPer wins!http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/b...usiness/3192163
  10. 1-2 nl game Play X raises to $6 in middle position. everyone folds.Player Y states, "you overbet the pot."Player X "Huh? I had AK, how did I overbet the pot?"Player Y "Everyone folded and you only won $3. Congratulations! You should have won more with that hand!"
  11. I think DN owes you an apology for his behavior....
  12. You would have to be f'ing retarded to make a post like this. Since my comment is not directed at you, but at the situation, you have no reason to be mad at me.Well said! Not that I'm complimenting your reply. I'm just talking in general and it just seems to be directed at you. :wink: It blows my mind when players are irritated by bad play. Am I the only one who WANTS someone to make a bad call? I don't like suck outs either, but they are part of the game. I actually get more irritated when I suck out on someone else. It means that I, and not the other guy, made a mistake. That's the hand
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