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  1. Ron Mexico just took a BRUTAL beat from KidPoker!!! Ron had AQ, KP had 64 and they got it all in before the flop, which of course included two additional sixes! It's Daniel's site. Coincidence???
  2. I think it's laptop computers. Still don't understand why they kicked me out of the casino when I sat mine down on the poker table and fired that bad boy up though... How else are you supposed to play online poker???
  3. I'm helpful, if not attentive.
  4. http://www.allvegaspoker.com
  5. That would definitely have sent him over the edge!!!! I can hear it now, "four pair should beat a full house..."
  6. LMAO!!!! Classic!!!!54 40, or FIGHT!!!!
  7. You are correct - I had some "flashing" issues, but it worked. Just didn't stay up all of the time. You are correct - I had some "flashing" issues, but it worked. Just didn't stay up all of the time.
  8. I just ordered the chip set - I'll let everyone know if it is decent, or a POS.
  9. You gotta be right up there! Always a fun read though!
  10. At first I was going to ask why anyone in their right mind rags on a donk, but this one I understand. NH!
  11. Secondly, almost all of you have broken the rules at some point. How many of you have created a second account for rakeback? Neither creating a second account nor receiving rakeback is allowed. Both are expressly forbidden. Maybe you’ll see things my way once all your money is seized for doing that. If I’m a cheater, so are you.If you are a saint like CSC claims to be, kudos to you. You are in the minority, and are certainly upstanding citizens. I commend you on following Party’s rules and not receiving rakeback. Most of us are too greedy to pass up money that easyThis is always the best justi
  12. Cleaner look.... I think I'll like it once I get used to it. Need to surf around first and check it out.
  13. I really wanted post number 300 to be so much more than this...
  14. If you take pride in being a jerk then yes, you should take pride in this post. I'd tell you to act your age, but that's probably exactly what you are doing.
  15. Once you are done reading this do your self a favor. READ IT AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! It is possibly the best advice you will ever receive.
  16. Just watch the general forum. Daniel posts when he is playing a lot of the time. You can also go look for kidpoker on the high limit fcp tables.
  17. For the month of Feb I'm averaging 49 BB/100 playing PLO. I'm on a sick run. That comes out to $.26 per hand. Daniel barely has me beat... :-)
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