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  1. I play small stakes NL hold-em online and track my results with pokertracker. For my last 10k hands I have won about 4.5 BB/hr and most of my profits have come from AA, KK, QQ,and AK suited...but AK ofsuit is only a break even hand for me. I think that I tend to play it too passively (often limping early) because when I am early and miss the flop I can get away from it pretty easily. I do raise with it in position, but overall I feel that this should be a profitable hand for me. Any ideas?
    Limping early is fine, but I'm assuming that you are always just calling a raise when someone is raising after you. Try re-raising once in a while. Only KK and AA have you crushed. If someone calls you (they will call or fold more than another re-raise) play it like AA or KK on the flop, assuming it is rags. if you get a call, you can still get away with it pretty easily. If an A or K hits on the flop or turn (assuming a call to your bet on the flop) then you're still in pretty good shape.Vary your play as well - raise some from early position as well. I'd rather win a small pot with AKo than lose a big one just because I didn't raise due to position concerns.
  2. Yes, I know, you're playing higher than most people and your posts mean more in that sense.That's what I was pointing out.Doesn't change the fact that the lessons contained therein are rudimentary.Therein lies the losing arguments made in this thread.Good stuff though, "don't tilt", "examing your play win or lose", "variance is statistical", ect.
    The original advice may be rudimentary, but valuable none the less and something that most people need to be reminded of.I like to equate this to “thinking outside of the box.” I believe that in most cases (in both poker and life) people “get outside of the box” not because it is needed, but because they are ignoring the basics and not blocking and tackling. What I got from Steve personally is make sure you are taking care of the basics. If you have a weak hand and get raised you should fold most of the time instead of trying to get fancy. By doing this you can control your losses. In most losing sessions I can point to a mistake, or series of mistakes that caused the loss. The losing sessions in my case are more often related to my own mistakes than they are to losing a big pot with a big hand. The good news for me is that I realize this and have been working hard to correct it over the last couple of months. Not coincidentally, the mistakes are costing me less than they used to. Funny how that happens!Steve,Thanks for starting this thread. The timing could not have been better for me personally.
  3. Again.You haven't taken anything out of SAVINGS. You've borrowed money at a high rate of interest.Credit Cards are NOT extra income nor savings. They are a PAYMENT option.If you're pretty much broke. Maxed on your CC. Need to raise your limit for $300 stinking dollars (for Poker!) and view CCs as savings/additional income to use to splurge when you're already out of money......yeah, it is the sign of a problem.
    Anyone else wonder if good advice like this is ever listened to?
  4. Finished 117....Two key hands AA<89s - I came back from this one (down to 9K) and got it back to just over 100KSitting at 80K I decided to mess with the big stack. He raised to 12K, I call with 22, flop is 10-9-10. I don't think he has a pair and push. He calls, with A10.... I'm an idiot....I played great, except for that.

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