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  1. Daniel,Do think that Howard, Bitar or Ferguson will ever see any jail time for stealing everyone's money on full tilt?Keep up the Vblogs!! They are awesome! Thanks,
  2. I saw Eskimo at Commerce late last night in the vacant high stakes area eating by himself. It was pretty sad really.
  3. Daniel,I'm sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your family. Adam
  4. Well said!! My prayers are with Mrs N, Daniel and his family. Adam/Akoffsuit
  5. My thoughts are with you Daniel, your family and your mom. I wish and pray for a speedy recovery Mrs N !!
  6. Conrats Daniel!! Awesome win! You're rolling.. take down Bellagio next!!
  7. Good luck at the final table tomorrow!! take it down. Pick up anther 200k from Ivey and the braclet
  8. Best of luck Daniel! Take it down. It's early, but you're looking good so far! I'm interested to see how you got all those chips also. Daniel Negreanu 54500 34500
  9. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Ozi.
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