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  1. As instrumental musicians, you might be able to make the argument that some members of the bands you named were superior to the Beatles. But in terms of songwriting, it's not close. And in terms of vocals, it's not close.Songwriting maybe, but vocals?From those bands I listed?Come on - Robert Plant, Ian Anderson, Ozzy, Roger Daltry, - you might have me on Cream, but holy crap man.......Those 4 vocalists I'm sorry but IMO they are all waaaaay better than Lennon or McCartney for pure vocals.Let's see Paul McCartney sing Aqualung along with flute solos and not pass out due to lack of oxygen.
  2. Thank you, you made me laugh about 4 times! I especially like how they improved from very, very average to above average in the short span of your post.No I said most of their music was very average and they were an above average band.I know it might be difficult to see the distinction there, but it is indeed there.A better, more clear cut example - Van Halen with Hagar - above average band, average music; Van Halen with David Lee Roth - Above average band, above average music...Don't get me wrong, I AM NOT SAYING THEY SUCK.I'm just saying because they were the first, they get more credit tha
  3. First, I will say I do not like the Beatles all that much, I like some of their songs:Norwegian Wood, Strawberry Fields, but I think most of their music, is for the most part very, very average. Here is the bottom line. The reason The Beatles get ALL the credit they do and all the praise to this day is because they were teh first guys to play pop rocknroll. And fair enough, props to them, they deserve it, and they were the first.But in terms of songwriting I think Lennon/McCarty were good songwriters, but I mean come on, better than Plant/Page/marvin Gaye/Van Morrison?Not to me anyways.And
  4. ubiquiti

    gas prices

    I know the American populace is generally a bunch of nascar watching morons, but doesn't anyone remember Bush saying he would lean on OPEC to keep oil prices down?is Bush too busy giving Lance Armstrong a tour of his texas ranch to notice gas prices are at all time highs?Oh hold on, bush is making money from this, his buddies, Uncle Dick, the rest of his family, his second family the Bin Ladens...My bad. I thought this guy was supposed to lead the country, but then I remembered he was a republican.Oh well...back to my Bud and Moon Pies.
  5. I agree he has not been a great player - but in his last 2/3 years he has been on average to below average teams and has always been the best player - so he gets all the defensive attention.He also shows up and plays hard every single night - you will never see Doaner taking a shift off. The same cannot be said for Satan or Bertuzzi.In terms of the complete player - intangibles, effort, leadership ability and the ability to not be a cheap shot punk, I would take Doan over Bertuzzi and Satan in a heartbeat.
  6. You are underestimating their talent.Keep in mind - they are still a very young team.Nagy is a very, very good scorer who is rediculously fast, Comrie is a very nice young playmaking center - albeit a little small, Mike Johnson is another quick goal scorerwho can muck abit as well, David Tanabe might be the fastest defenseman I have ever seen and has excellent playmaking ability.Another guy not on that list is Paul Mara - a huge young defenseman that was tied for 6th among all defensemen in assists in 03/04. The Coyotes have given him a qualifying offer and can match any other offer he gets -
  7. They look insanely good.Young fast team with a legend head coach, a great young captain, the wicked witch of the west(Ricci), and one of the better defenseman corps around.I would think those numbers should be at least x 3/4.
  8. Jeez....I guess i could make $1 million then. 2 good seasons and then a career of bitching and being very average evidently make for a huge salary.I think the Blues will sign Jim Cummins for $3 million a year - they'd get more effort, at least.
  9. This guy will have a rediculously large target on his back.He can now look forward to guys like Dallas Drake boarding him with a 25 foot running start. Maybe Derian Hatcher will pull the old Roenick jack move on him and shatter his jaw. Perhaps Brett Hull will spank him in the face with a slapper.Regardless, Bertuzzi will be pretty much done after this season anyway - I can almost guarantee he will be "out" half the season with injury.Karma is a beeotch.
  10. Didnt they pick Fitzgerald last yearOkay one out of twenty...Semantics!
  11. Wow, I thought this thread was about the Arizona Cardinals, who, for like the 20th straight season have failed to sign their #1 draft pick before camp.
  12. Easy choice for me - Fantomas, Suspended Animation.That is my top 5.
  13. Okay, we will compare Morris' numbers against Gooden, Clemens, Nolan Ryan, Dave Stewart and Fernando Valenzuela(the 5 other best pitchers of the 80s I can think of) from 1980-1990.Morris - 177wins, 144 losses .551WP, 3.77 ERA, 144 complete games, 23 shut outs, 1,791 strikeoutsGooden - 119 wins, 46 losses .721 WP, 3.28 ERA, 54 complete games, 20 shutouts, 1,391 strikeouts(and that was Doc's best run - he finished with less than 200 career wins)Clemens - 116 wins, 51 losses .694 WP, 3.01 ERA, 65 complete games, 25 shutouts, 1,424 strikeoutsRyan - 135 wins, 113 losses .544 WP, 3.11 ERA, 49 comple
  14. Alan Trammel should have gotten the MVP in 87 - I think he had 27 home runs - hit .343 and knocked in like 105 RBIs hitting second and as a shortstop!!!Whitaker was the Tigers leadoff hitter for most of his career - you don't think his power numbers would have improved had hit hit 3,4,or 5 like Sandberg?Sandberg was also pretty overrated defensively - again look at the defensive numbers - Whitaker has almost 1000 more put outs.While Whitaker might have played 3 more seasons than Sandberg, he only played 180 more games and had 190 more at bats.As to the Ozzie Smith issue - Trammell was better t
  15. What a joke this is. I think 2 players that played for the Tigers that were actually better than him (Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell) are both off the ballot and will never get in. What are sports writers thinking and why do they hate the Tigers?Lou Whitaker was so much more a better second baseman than Ryne Sandberg, it almost hurts. Imagine if Whitaker played on a crap team like Sandberg and was "the man" He would have like 100 more home runs and 200 more RBIsTrammell Stats:http://www.baseball-almanac.com/players/pl...php?p=trammal01Whitaker Stats:http://www.baseball-almanac.com/players/p
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