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  1. Somebody break out the one-color deck for this rebel.
  2. Barry + pink shirt + full beard = rock solid erection.Keep it up Barry!
  3. They very rarely look to be tricky (because they're so old), just play solid. Don't be taken in by their senile stories of the days of yore, I was sitting next to this old raisin a few days back and I allowed myself to become entranced by him. He was reciting an old warble from his tobacco farming days, while simultaneously whittling some tree bark into what looked like an egret. Anyhoo, as soon as I lose my focus on the game, he check-dies me! Granted, that move takes a lot of balls, but I'm not one to let anybody take a pot down out of pure sympathy, especially this guy (he was dead money
  4. Don't allow the crutch to fool you, Doyle still has mad ups.
  5. "Daniel celebrates 3rd with his signature dancing style."
  6. Yeah, screw language. Clarity is overrated anyways.While we're at it, who really cares if 4 - 2 = 11?
  7. It's actually been a few weeks. David has been really good about controlling himself lately.
  8. Maybe the greatest poker player alive would have straightened himself out before going out like a chump. Maybe we would have got to see years and years of Ungar playing. Wouldn't that be something for poker.In the immortal words of Napoleon Dynamite: IDIOTS!Yes, I bet Ungar would have stopped using if poker regulated drug testing. His nose melting away, and his health deteriorating to the point of barely being able to function didn't deter him, but i'm sure testing would have.
  9. what did moneymaker do this year btw? I know last year he made a run at one tournmanet.Well, Raymer just finished 25th in the ME. Which seems to mean Moneymaker doesn't know how to play poker and should therefore be killed.I'm sure this helped.
  10. I don't see how this says anything about the amount of luck involved.Because, if it were not about skill, then with nearly 6,000 entrants would 4 of the top 6 be pretty big name pros?? No, if skill weren't that important then 1 of the top 30 would be a big name.Nobody but the OP's friends has said that skill isn't important.
  11. I don't see how this says anything about the amount of luck involved.
  12. If she didn't want the players to behave like six year olds, she shouldn't have been dealing like a six year old.
  13. This point seems to be taken for granted in your post despite it's apparent lack of any truth.
  14. We are 4-1 against anything he has... whether he's taking advantage of the chip lead or actually has a hand doesn't matter in the slightest. We'd actually prefer him to have A-K or A-Q... That would be lovely.AA vs. AA is not 4-1!I'm awesome.
  15. Nobody really, there were several people in the movie who stole money though.
  16. Are you saying Ivey is going to regress?
  17. noYou jealous freaks will stop at nothing to keep Fillmaff from getting his proper credit.
  18. He should have given an autographed box of Count Chocula breakfast cereal and then flown away bat-style.
  19. 15% - Skill10% - Luck75% - Having a fire lit under your ass by an opponent winning an earlier event
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