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  1. Have we all forgotten the 80s so quickly? Obviously the only way to solve this is a TRIATHALON!! Phil, DN and E-Dog take on Ram, Mark and Erik in 3 day-long sporting events, winner take all! (or in this case, get off scott-free)
  2. LOL, now I know either you're joking or you haven't seen the show. HL was doing this all episode.
  3. Actually, Lederer made it clear several times that if he had had Gordon's hand there, he WOULD have gone broke, and his comment was just letting Gordon know that yea, he was ready to go broke so his fold wasn't a bad play. He wasn't ribbing Gordon, he was commenting on his short stack and that he would've been all-in in that spot.
  4. I think Gabe is very funny? And it's always light-hearted when he takes a jab at someone, unlike PG.
  5. It's going to be hilarious if the table loosens up in the last episode, after Gordon's table-killing presence was removed from the game. He just made things so akward it was hard to watch. Only Harman seemed able to deal with it, but maybe that's because she had to sit next to him.
  6. If there was one poker pro I could easily see being a wife-beater, Men is it. This doesn't surprise me at all. It'd be hilarious if somehow this made the news and was a big event, getting Vietnam to send him back! That's disgusting, and makes me hate Men even more. Seriously, who the hell DOES that in public?
  7. Yea, I definitely felt the tension from the beginning, I don't think I've ever see E-Dog like that on tv, he always comes off as a nice guy and you could really tell Phil rubs him the wrong way. Phil's stupid comments after Erick lost that big pot were just what he needed to get angry at Phil. Since you're probably out there reading Phil, I will say this for your own sake: THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!
  8. Wow, talk about trading DOWN, from super-hot actress Shannon to homely, multi-children-bearing saggy Annie.....
  9. It's hard to believe that a big casino like that doesn't have a BB jackpot OR a Royal Flush jackpot either, that really does suck, for both of you.
  10. Seriously! A few shots and a 3-figure number would be like finding gold, it's just pee! P.S. Dutch is a tool, no one cares about him and I have no doubt he'll be dead within 5 years.
  11. If anyone cares (who DOESN'T, poker drama is so much fun and we're all bored losers), Phil and Huck are dicussing it at a table in the FTOPS as we speak, here's a quick C&P with the birds editted out:Phil Gordon: no, I said he doesn't respect MY play, and then I said I had a strategy that I would follow because of that fact.Phil Gordon: he's willing to risk those chips AGAINST ME because he doesn't think I play well enough to make a tough callPhil Gordon: yes, another book this summer... GOLDPhil Gordon: for whatever reason, he just doesn'tHuckleberrySeed: in response to the blog...Phil Go
  12. I think Gordon's realizing that without his show, he's just another decent player and nothing at all special, and he's cracking up about it. He really hasn't done anything in the poker world, is getting blown by a lot of the up-and-comers, and can't hack it. You can see some of his snideness towards Mike Sexton as well, regarding the whole WPT thing (he even made a negative comment about the final tables in the first ep), which is out of place on the show. He should leave his personal crap and the lawsuit off-camera, like Howard has.
  13. I totally agree that pooled tips are completely retarded and I'm happy my local cardrooms don't do this. If they did I would not be as generous as I am. Pooled tips hurt incentive to deal well, since you're not responsible for what you get, and reeks of communism!
  14. The people who like to whine about tipping are usually 100% online players and don't deal with it anyway (and are usually too young to actually play at a B&M casino anyway), or mediocre to bad players who don't like coughing up their minimal winnings. If you can play at your level comfortably, totally +EV, tips do not hurt your profit at all. And anyone who's played any reasonable length of time at a casino will know that dealers have to put up with a lot of **** at the tables from sore losers, drunks, and idiots that, in my opinion, entitles them to a little compensation. That said, you S
  15. I just think he's an old-school player who never really adapted to the new aggressive era of poker. You don't see him much, so I assume he just plays now for fun, not really to win. I mean, he HAS to know he was being pushed around at the table. That said, I do like the show (even after I was concerned about the lack of commentary in the first ep). It works because it felt almost like a home game between the 6 players, and was fun to watch, even Hellmuth's obviously-staged antics. Even Huck was chatty, and he's always a rock on TV. As long as they keep it like this, and put on people who can m
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