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  1. already wasn't excited about this card.......debating if i should watch it......1. GSP injury so can't fight in the card2. night full of mismatches... except lutter silva, but now i see lutter getting beat to pulp ala hughes riggs3. damn lutter didn't make weight....what else can go wrong........
  2. the 50/100 NL room will be called the "36th Chamber"
  3. way to state the obvious KK ... u dumb mofo~
  4. another stupid debate bcuz they are both great~ lol~u nubs~
  5. stupid debate about an obvious choice~u nubs~
  6. how is this thread still alive when the royals are that shetty with a 2-11 record ?
  7. kingdome and safecokingdome feel very smallbut safeco is really cool~ huge space, train horns, cool place~
  8. ur loss~~ is just my style~
  9. lol~btw...only reason KC won because white sox are not even as good as what everyone think them to be~everyone think they the champ and since they improved their lineup...they would go back to the world series..that is sooo far off~ it was the most miracle sox season last year so anyone that believes in garland or garcia or contreras will actually see the truth this year..and oh yeah...konerko sukks, so does podsednik~ only guy that is any good on the lineup is thome..lol~iguchi sukks tooso does uribeand dyeumm...pretty much everyoneoh and the new guy brian andersonoh..wait...and jenksand cot
  10. reggie sanders sukks bcuz he swings for the fences at cards~worst free agent signing ever~ royals should just quit playing baseball all together~
  11. lol...saw on espn.com that schilling is like completely "addicted" and a longtime player of EverQuestthat was really interesting to no...guess killing monsters online fills up those in between starts~
  12. sure... u no baseball inside out by saying royals are the best~
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