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  1. It might be worth noting this:Many people say all-in, saying that if you min-raise, and the BB plays back at you with a reraise, you're committed anyway. Doesn't that mean the BB would call if you went all-in? So really, there is no difference: You play for all your chips in either case.If you min-raise, and the BB moves all-in, you simply call. Also, I think he may sense weakness and try to move you off your hand with a hand that is worse than yours, which wouldn't happen if you moved in.If you min-raise, and they fold, they'd have folded if you'd moved in.If you min-raise, and the BB jus
  2. Is this the EXACT situation he had against Annie Duke in the ESPN Tournament of Champions?Just wondering. Annie folded. I would also fold. I guess looking back on it, the fold worked out OK for Annie... ;-)
  3. Is it just me or is a 3 not enough to call Chan's all in? Either Chan is bluffing or he has the 3 beat, IMO. If Daniel thinks Chan is bluffing he could have had a very small hand. If Daniel doesn't think he is bluffing then there isn't a great range of hands he can call with. I don't think that range includes A3. My guess: Daniel had Chan on a total bluff and called with a very modest hand.
  4. Hi Daniel,I was wondering if you would mind commenting on the hand in the ESPN Tournament of Champions when you opened with Ad 8d and Chip Reese had the AQ. As I remember, he re-raised you, then you both checked to the river. The board by then had come TJxxK, giving Chip the nuts.I think it would be informative for everyone, but if not definitely for me, if you explained your thought process on all streets of this hand, why you called the re-raise/checked/checked/bet.If you don't have time for all that, it's cool. Anything would be appreciated.MathDoc.
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