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  1. I have been with Full Tilt Poker since they opened and have always been pleased with their site overall. BUT if you want big prize pool tournaments like PokerStars, UB, and PartyPoker you will not find them there too often.
  2. DN is having a bad run. Plain and simple. Every, I repeat EVERY, serious poker player will have runs like this. He will bounce back.
  3. Even though 300 BB's is the LHE standard and should be followed by most if not all serious poker players, it can be adjusted to fit your individual type of play. Meaning tight players can get by with less, where as, loose players may need more.
  4. Congrats go to Seidel who is having a monster WSOP so far. He is hands down one of the most under-rated players of all time.
  5. Besides 1st place netting $10 million dollars everyone that makes the final table will likely receive at least $1 million dollars.
  6. Dan Harrington actually is starting to play in a lot of the larger buy-in tourneys, as well as most of the PPT events.
  7. I like FullTilt the best and they also have HU ring games as well.
  8. Unforunately I highly doubt Harrington will make the final table this year. IF he did though- that would be the greatest accomplishment in WSOP history thus far. I'd put money on it that he doesn't.......... any takers??
  9. I think Arieh is a fine player..........BUT I am curious why he alone could not afford his buy-in ($10,000) into the WSOP Main Event last year. If he was a winning professional poker player you would think that would be no problem, but Erick Lindgren staked him and they split the $2.5 million 50-50. Just curious what limits he played at BEFORE his big score.
  10. Shana, Shana, Shana.......... need I say more. (And the nude pictures do help!!)
  11. I wish you the best of luck.................... it sounds like you'll need it.
  12. I love Shana. Shana is hands down the best..........but the new one is hot.
  13. I just joined yesterday. Thanks to dna4ever, lol.
  14. FullTilt has "Bracelet Race" MTT's for any $1500 WSOP event the winner would like to play in. Buy-in is $24+$2..........if you want to qualify on-line.
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