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  1. I think it is HIGHLY unlikely that Daniel checked himself into rehab. I'm pretty sure it's just the folks over at rgp playing the same ol' tune. ~J~
  2. I'm pretty sure 6 max has been around for a while. The benifit of 6 max is that the games tend to run pretty fast. The bad of it is if you don't know how to play short handed you're prolly going to be hurting. Personally, I like playing short but it's not for everyone. Good luck.~J~
  3. Yeah like the pp's said if you want rake back from party you'll have to go with another skin. Try using: http://www.raketracker.com/site/main/index.phpThey have a pretty good offer for Eurobet and the ring games are the same as they are over at party. Just make sure when you download the new skin your old Party skin is deleted from your hard drive. They don't like you to go back and sign up for rake back once you've been a member of one of their other sites. Good luck. I hope you find what you’re looking for. Sincerly, ~J~
  4. Hey acold2eyes, In general I don't have a problem with being staked. Personally though I don't want anyone one to own a piece of the pie. One because when I'm losing it sucks because I'm losing my backer's money and he/she isn't going to be happy about that. Or two, if I'm winning most of the time I don't get as much for money for the time I've invested. The games are pretty soft so I think if you find a winning strategy and get yourself signed up for a decent affiliate program you should be able to build a pretty good bankroll on your own. Of course in the end it all comes back to if you cons
  5. :-) Go Travis!! Soon the true winner will come forth.
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