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  1. Thanks for posting those like that. I can't get it to play if I go directly through cardplayer. My computer doesn't support it for some reason. Great stuff. :-)
  2. If a bunch of women said that to me for just doing my job I'd be much more efficient at my work!That's the idea. :wink: J/K Travis.
  3. I don't think Maxfield is all that bad. He may make some bad choices but in general he's prolly a decent player.
  4. Very well said.I agree. Thanks Harry.
  5. I haven't listened to the commentary in months; I usually keep it on mute. It's far more enjoyable when you don't have to hear Vince call everyone by their nicknames every two seconds.
  6. I agree with Jayson here. Besides that the admin has already said they are not done making changes to the front page. I think they are trying out new things and seeing how it goes. Hopefully the end result will be to everyone's linking. If not I say just suck it up and deal. Or make a suggestion for change in this forum: http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...wforum.php?f=12That way the admin can see what the general feeling is among all the posters. ~J~
  7. why do u talk? and when did you get ugly?Calm your jets dude. That's no way to treat a lady. :naughty:
  8. I love that Jen's song is Maneater.
  9. Raise pf on the first hand and I'm not sure if I would have even called AT utg. Maybe I'm too tight though.
  10. This is prolly more suited to go in this forum: http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...wforum.php?f=12Sorry I'm kind of nitpicky about stuff like this from other forums I visit. It's much easier for the admin to notice this post if it's put in the right place (especially considering how that there are very few recent posts in that section so you're sure to catch some one's eye). It's definately a great idea. :-)
  11. Umm no. Cause I would kill him. ~J~Travis is yo biatch.Well, I wouldn't call him that but yes. :-)
  12. I went a couple weeks ago and watched Daniel in the $2000 LHE event. I don't know if I'll be able to go again.
  13. Umm no. Cause I would kill him. ~J~
  14. My husband and I play with KEM cards. He freaked out once because he ordered some off of ebay and they sent the regular index instead of the poker size. We ended up going down to the superstore and buying the right set. It was so worth it. They are so nice.
  15. Thanks Jade... Forgot proof read lol.Still no word here. Im not trying to be censored or arrogant..but im confident mine will make the final round(s)... simply because of the positive response it's gotten on these forums. Im still waiting for that email though :? <---- logo is in avI'm sure u will DC.but in retro-spec. there is roughly 1000 submitted, or so DN said in his blog.and we only saw about 10% of them posted on here.Yeah, but I would also assume ( notice... ASSUME ) that the people most proud of theirs and confident would have posted theirs up after the deadline ( sortov like
  16. Ok, it's great that he made the money! :-)
  17. Tonight while I was watching the wsop limit tournament not only did they have ropes but they also at one point had everyone step back about four feet because the players were getting a little claustrophobic. I think they are doing the best they can to cater to the players without taking away from the open atmosphere.
  18. I think that was a long time ago..I don't know about that. I was just at the tourney and cardplayer has a guy with his laptop sitting a couple tables away from Daniel. Hopefully we'll hear something more soon.
  19. What a sense of timing Smash. Completely tasteless humor at the wrong time. I've been a supporter and fan of yours, but this remark shows very little human understanding from a man who has tremendous poker understanding.I agree, that's exceptionally condesending. ~J~
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