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  1. Wow Smooth:... wish I had the bankroll for that game. Kinda nice when guys like State4781 just give you their chips. I mean, an overpair is often times good with this board, but still, why was he betting the farm on it when there were 5 hands you could have had that have him way behind? This looks very well played on yr part, considering you had position. You have to be aggressive with a set (and I agree with Actuary that you have to be even more aggressive with a draw friendly board in NL.)
  2. Hey guys...Well, I dunno... I was a little late getting set up so I couldn't even find the 630pm Beta Tourney's on there. Don't know how to sign up for the 830pm event. In the meantime, I've been playing career mode. Are any of you guys in the tourney??? What are your thoughts so far?In the meantime, I've set up an STT called FCP Stacked. If anybody feels like playing please join me as I'd like to see if this is working.BTW... Mr. Negreanu, I've got lots of suggestions for your team so far. Stacked is a very pretty game graphically, but I played the career mode for a while, and it would
  3. I've been playing around with it a bit, but didn't make it in time for the first tourney. I've set up an STT called FCP Stacked, still waiting for players.
  4. For the OP:1. Don't post results here.2. I don't screw around with the chip leader. Luck always plays a big role, but making intelligent decisions before allowing luck to become a factor is very important. You could be WB here to a set, or even two pair. 3. I'm not sure if it's better to lead with a pot sized bet or C/R. Personally, I don't "trap" without a stronger hand (two pair or better), especially since you can give him a free card that could really hurt you. Otherwise, generally speaking, if I'm thinking that I'd be calling an all in, I'd prefer to be the one taking the lead wit
  5. yes... If I'm not mistaken I think it closed like 5-6 months ago. This has been a LONG time comin.
  6. Hey Steve! Great thread and great timing (cauz I'm waiting to download the beta version of Stacked so I thoughts I'd stop by for a visit.) Good to hear from you guys. As for me, although I was doing well building the BR for a while, I took a break back in Sept, when I moved to NYC and came back to school for a one semester program. Poker + School would not have been very +EV for me.Now I've been focusing on finding a job (hoping that it's going to come through soon). Then I'll be back at the tables.Those strat tables with Steve, Gank, and the crew were fun. And those crazy nutbar session
  7. Yeah. I also got the e-mail also about the beta test, so I'm pretty psyched about it, heck I had totally forgotten about it. I'm currently visiting family, but i'll be heading home this afternoon and plan to be in the beta tourney's later today.
  8. Hmmm... although I am sure you are right that it can never technically sell out, there were a set number of seats available each day, determined by the number of available tables / chairs / chips / dealers etc. There are also legal occupancy issues that arise at a certain point. In any case, I agree with those that argue that they should raise the buy-in of the main event... although changing the format of the "Main Event" to HORSE would certainly be good for that as well. Changing the format might also increase the popularity of some of those other games, and give an added bump to the p
  9. Have fun. And best of luck fighting the insane mobs... try to avoid the traffic as much as possible by either walking or taking the various monorails as much as you can (or just by staying in one general area). The Christmas / New Years crowds are in full affect, and it's already starting to get very crowded. I just got back a couple of hours ago from my 72 hour Vegas vacation. Fun times as always, but I'm ready to crash.One other word of advice... stay away from the Paris. For some reason, that hotel was absolultely mobbed the entire time I was there. It was plenty crowded everywher
  10. nice! sounds like a plan. Excalibur is one ubergay establishment, but poker is poker.
  11. Hey Kids:About 14 hours till lift off.I don't have much planned for the trip yet... figure I'll play it by ear. I do plan to hang out around the Bellagio a bit to try to see some of the Big Game, if it's going on. I don't expect watching the game to be all that exciting (if spectators are even allowed??) But the off chance to see Doyle, Chip, Gus, Daniel, Chau, etc., is worth a visit.I am a poor and cheap kid (hey at least I can admit it), so hopefully you guys can let me know where some of the lower stakes poker games are held on the strip. I'm talkin 1-2 or 2-4 limit... If I'm feeling
  12. bumped for her pleasure.BTW, I'm thinking I will hit up the Wynn on Monday (day after Christmas) evening. So, anybody who wants to meet up, we could plan to grab a drink or five...
  13. Hey Dudes and Dudettes:OK... so I leave for my trip to Vegas on Christmas Day... I'll only be there till the 28th. Although not my first visit to Vegas, I must say I'm pretty psyched. Of course, since I went back to school last semester I don't quite have the funds to hit Vegas proppa.... but the parents said Xmas in Vegas, and who was I to say no??It would be great to grab a drink with some of you vets who are visiting there as well or who live out there: WRTO, Travis, etc. I'd try to catch y'all at the poker table, but I know you play much higher limits than myself.Also, if anybod
  14. Booked my flight. I'll be in Vegas from Dec. 25-28.
  15. Cool. Thanks. So PartyPoker will deposit directly into the accounts of underage players with no questions asked??
  16. Can't fold. Even if he's a mediocre player he could have K-J, A-J, Q-J, A-Q hearts, Q-Q maybe if he's tight and wouldn't reraise that preflop... Plenty of players will push a draw to try to pick it up there, and try to push you off a beter pair... other players may think you are raising for a free card because you are on a draw, and don't want you seeing that draw cheaply... plenty of possibilities out there.If he's a really bad player he could have anything.
  17. Ghost, any sense of the chip stacks of the other players?I would tend to get out of this hand on the flop since you are OOP. With two acting behind you, and the combination of the Ace on the board + the potential draw, it would seem to me that you don't have decent equity here to make the call whether or not you were the chip leader.That said, I also think that there isn't much that can be said to you that can rebuild your ability to trust your reads. It's all about experience, and getting back into the flow of things. It just takes some time man.
  18. Hey FCP gang:I have a quick question for you guys. The backstory is that I'm working on a paper on business ethics regarding PartyGaming. Basically, in part of my paper I discuss the fact that because PartyPoker allows users 11 different methods for depositing funds, it is incredibly difficult for them to prevent underage gaming... especially since some of those methods: Phone Connect Card, Cash Connection Link...etc, appear to be incredibly easy for anyone to obtain.My question is, if you use these methods, how do you cashout? Do they send you a check? Do any of you have any experiences
  19. Avatars like yours never get old either. Peace
  20. I'm still not sure if I'm going to play there or not. I may be hooked into making a deposit for the Protege freerolls (of course even the ones with 50-100 top posters would be tough with Chris (WRTO), Smash, Aseem, Zim, Custom, KDawg, JayWeb etc., and JBlaze playing) .But considering how tough the bonus is to clear, and considering how broke I am these days, I doubt I'd deposit very much.I do find it funny that peeps are talking about how finally we have a place that we can all play. The old strat tables we had over on Party Poker worked pretty well for that too, because most people who w
  21. All in all my reaction to this being the announcement can be summed up in one word.... Meh.Freerolls are great, but the bonus is going to be super tough to clear... Considering how tough these freerolls will likely be, I'm not sure if it's really worth transfering funds to the new site.
  22. Yeah... this was discussed during the last Paradise Million. Their pay out structure definitely ends up encouraging dealmaking between the top few chip leaders at the final table.
  23. I would almost never bet/fold into a crowd of this size. Maybe if it were only three-way, and I had position.Otherwise, I'd probably C/F, as it's very unlikely you will push out a better hand, and there aren't many worse hands that are generally calling you here.
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