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  1. Trying to check raise passive calling stations on the river sure sounds like a great play! Your play adjustments leading to a $20 win will probably end up costing you thousands of dollars in the future. Have fun w the poker!
  2. Yeah, but Mike is a big guy. I can't laugh at him, I can laugh at a 22 year old red head.Besides, I love Mike.Also, Mikes breakdown came after getting knocked out of the ME after a 3 outer hit. The kid still had a healthy amount of chips.matusow didnt lose to a 3 outer more like 15 outs twice.
  3. It's been done. Go look at the CardPlayer.com hand calculator. Put in QQ v. AKs, then put in QQ v. 49o. That calculator is based on thousands, if not millions, of hands, and it says that if you hold Queens, you want to be playing against crappy cards instead of good cards. Good cards have redraws against you more often than crappy cards. I would really like to see the stat book that told you that 53.8% (QQ v. AKs) is a better win percentage than 86.8% (QQ v. 49o).Then punch in how QQ does against 49, AK, 78, 55, A3c, and J10, all in the same deal. Not saying I wouldn't want QQ here. Th
  4. From DN's description it sounds like he wouldve had the same results buying in for say 5-10K chips (sounds like that wouldve had everyone covered). Would that figure have changed your opinion? The dynamics would have been the same because if he lost the 5-10 K he could go back to his pocket as many times as he liked.Also. your comparison to the betting in a .25-.50 table is not valid here. I have played at $10 NL tables and won up to a $100 stack before. The blinds in this game are a dime. I'm not allowed to go all in now that I have a huge chip advantage?
  5. You can avoid going broke here by moving in preflop out of your BB. You rate to pick up 250 dead chips, which is almost a 20% increase in your chip position. If you get called it is going to be by a pair or a big ace, and you would've outflopped those hands. Putting out a regular raise as you did invited callers and left you in poor position after the flop. I know a lot of players don't like to go all in pf w AK, but if there is ever a time it is in this situation.
  6. Maybe, but doesn't Annie actually have the largest penis?
  7. Played sooo many the best is probably lost to my memory. Here are a couple good ones from the same game.NL game, 20$ max buy in, .25/.50 blinds. A real gambler's game. Me and another guy had been ripping the game up. UTG opens to 3$ ($90 stack), I am UTG+1 w/ KK, I reraise to $10 (85$ stack). SB cold calls the $10 ($35 stack). UTG moves in for $90 total. I think for a long while and figure out he has Aces by his demeanor (we play often) and betting of the hand. I was winning my money by chopping out many smaller pots and had a good win working. I fold KK first time ever preflop. SB mu
  8. 33. Reagan youth. I thought I'd be grown up by now. Parents lie.
  9. In one session 38% might not be unreasonable, if you're catching cards and running the table over. I've had winning sessions playing 44% in a full ring game (ran it over) and losing sessions playing 18%. Calling OP a donk over that single stat is dumb.
  10. If the jackpot goes over 100 million then I think the implied odds are there for a call. It's a dollar.
  11. I'm not saying Royal sucks at poker I don't know either way. I'm sure the kid is better. It does bother me to read multiple pages of people bagging on whoever has won the latest big tourny. Common thing here. Everyone knows so much more than the people who are actually winning the big money.
  12. This little kid that you are all bagging on has likely already won more playing poker than all of you combined. And that doesn't include his wcoop win.You wish you had 5K on pokerstars Royal? You'd be playing on scared money the kid would bust you up. Your only chance would be to win the first one then quit. If you kept playing eventually he'd get that 5K.I think the kid is certainly a douchebag. That doesn't mean he can't play.
  13. Easy all in push correct play, there was too much already out there as he stated a 50% increase in his stack makes this an easy decision. Any smaller raise and he's giving them a nice price, and committing himself anyway w/ half his chips already in pot holding AA. Mise well put the commitment on them instead.
  14. The most successful magic player has actually made 3 mil + playing poker. David Williams.
  15. actually Master Shake is the best character on television.
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