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  1. The bearded man of the resurection of Hellmuth speaks for once.... :twisted: THE DEVIL
  2. Played baseball in Alabame at 18 when i needed some Cope and couldnt purchase cause the legal tobacco age was 19.............suckers : ) 8)
  3. did all of yall see D'agostino (spelling) throw his hellmuth like fit at the final table.....absolutely priceless
  4. Hey pokerbull im new to this site and new to the sarasota area and i was wondering if you could direct me towards some games here in the area......any advice would be greatly appreciated and sorry to hear about your bad run of luck lately
  5. hey yall i just moved to sarasota a few weeks ago and am looking for some games in and around tampa. if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. oh yeh what is the deal with the big bet being only $2 sme clarification please
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