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  1. I know it's too late, but...MILK WAS A BAD CHOICE!
  2. We had a decent turn out of FCP'ers (14 if I recall correctly) at a home tourney in the St. Louis area about 2 years ago. So, it has been done. All we would really need is a person willing to host (since it seems like most are under 21).
  3. Here is a link to the table I purchased a little over a year ago.http://www.pokeroutlet.com/p781_poker_table.htmlIt doesn't have collapsible legs like you wanted, but it's a solid table for a decent price.
  4. Yeah, I have to agree with most of the resonses here. I wouldn't put it on the resume. If they ask about hobbies you should mention it and see how the interviewer responds. If the interviewer is also a poker player it will be a nice piece of common ground, but if the interviewer isn't a poker player then you can just drop it.I graduated 2 years ago with a double major in finance and economics, so I am familiar with your situation. Good luck.
  5. Even if we assume the $88k salary is a bit of a generous estimate, it is still a solid salary.If you figure an average salary for a person straight out of college is around $40k (could easily be more or less depending on area of the country, major etc.), that number is PRE-tax. The take home from that 40k would be around 30k.Compare that to the $88k estimate, which even if you make half of your estimate would be around $40k, and if it is all from the internet it is basically tax free. Obviously it isn't entirely legal to not pay taxes on this, but since none of the income is declared and inter
  6. I believe that the title of this thread nailed it.
  7. I played in a $1500 event last year. Here are a few things that nobody mentioned yet.There is a lot of commotion in the room, so it can be easy to get distracted.The first thing you might want to try to figure out is which players at your table are there for just one event so they can say they played in the WSOP and which players are there to actually try to win. If you can figure this out, then try to pick on the people who are playing for fun, but back off if they push back at you.In the smaller buy-in events you will need to get some chips pretty early. If you are only able to hover around
  8. If you want to build up a real bankroll you should put it all on double zero.
  9. Most memorable thread has to be the open-Farrelling debacle.
  10. I never want to hear anyone say Jennifer Tilly is a "great player" ever again.
  11. 117, though I flew through it in 10 minutes.I really think you could get a perfect score if you just chose fold for every question. Laying down 9's full of aces is +EV!
  12. You said this was at Harrah's, and I have played in one of these at the Harrah's in St. Louis. I assume the structure of the one you will play in is like the one I played in last year.The way the structure works is it is a double shootout. It starts with 10 ten-handed tables, and each table plays down to one winner. Each winner of the 10 original tables then plays at the final table with only 1st getting a seat in the WSOP. Second through 10th get some sort of cash payout, and second place at the original 10 tables get their buyins back.The structure is really fast, they want to get the tourna
  13. Hachem should have slapped her in the face when she sucked out with her 10-10 against JJ. She sounded like a dying otter.
  14. I'm heading to Tunica on the 12th. Probably just going to play some sats.
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