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  1. Just kickin my ass over there for reasons that remain unclear. Bad beats combined with a downturn of cards trying to clear my pokersourceonline.com points. Not even hanging around long enough to call it variance. Piss on bodog and their blue cardroom.

  2. The PTI guys on ESPN give dap all the time. Nothing wrong with white boy dap.
    What the hell is dap' date=' anyway?[/quote']Actually I believe the dap they refer to in this instance is a "pound" as some call it, where a touching of fists takes place.
  3. What exactly does vindication mean. Too big of a word. I had no clue of what he was saying in Aruba.
    vin·di·cate Audio pronunciation of "vindicate" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (vnd-kt)tr.v. vin·di·cat·ed, vin·di·cat·ing, vin·di·cates 1. To clear of accusation, blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting arguments or proof: “Our society permits people to sue for libel so that they may vindicate their reputations” (Irving R. Kaufman). 2. To provide justification or support for: vindicate one's claim. 3. To justify or prove the worth of, especially in light of later developments. 4. To defend, maintain, or insist on the recognition of (one's rights, for example). 5. To exact revenge for; avenge
  4. instead of having ivey,juanda, lederer, bonyadi, and ck hua at the featured table.....they have mike matusow, neverwin, and nobody else. Im censored
    not sure if you saw on the cardplayer commentary, but the reason is because ivey's table is next scheduled to break. ESPN is censored tooedit: maybe-matusow is pretty good stuff on his own stage
  5. From Cardplayer:560th - Frederick Brown 559th - Martin Laliberte 558th - David Anderson 557th - Sergey Khromov 556th - Robert John Kacher 555th - Donald Delancy 554th - Nadav Ravid 553rd - Robert Gentile 552nd - Andre Fridll 551st - Duc Nguyen 550th - William Bostley 549th - Larry McFehee 548th - Jalae Henson 547th - Nicholas Matala 546th - David Taylor 545th - Oliver Monteaux 544th - Young Phan 543rd - Thomas Stanek 542nd - Sarne Lightman 541st - Lee Ford 540th - John Bae 539th - James Courtney 538th - Vincent Favorito 537th - Daniel Piccoli 536th - Troy Wallace 535th - Chris Bane 534th - Martin Foth 533rd - Kevin Betsill 532nd - Yan Neiman 531st - John Ward 530th - Robert Atkinson 529th - Scott Clements 528th - William Beasley 527th - David Rubin 526th - Charles Wey 525th - Mike Lawrence 524th - Steven Goldberg 523rd - Austin Moody 521st - Elton Beebe 520th - Andrew Prock 519th - Bill Phipps 518th - Guy Calvert 517th - Ken Justin 516th - Matthew Kagan 515th - Reagan Silber 514th - William Flachsbart 513th - Bruce Hardman 512th - Jordan Marinov 511th - Young KaneNot many big names on the list, think the pro/am percentage is tilting? BTW is Kiril Gerasimov out?

  6. this has the makings of a sick finish if some of them can keep rolling with their stacksTim Phan $580,000 Rod Pardey $455,000 Lee Watkinson $442,000 Greg Raymer $437,000 Yakob Hirsch $400,000 John Juanda $400,000 Michael The Grinder Mizrachi $390,000 Jon Lane $375,000 Phil Ivey $300,000 Layne Flack $283,000 Russell Salzer $250,000 Kenna James $235,000 Minneapolis Jim Meehan $213,000 Mike Matusow $190,000 Minh Ly $175,000 Sammy Farha $150,000 <just took a hit

  7. marcel will be missed.
    ]it seems like they had him at the feature table a lot on his day 1, so hopefully we will all get our marcel fix for this year. i wanted to see what he had ready for the final table this year though. damn it
  8. A buddy of mine and I were playing at our local casino. We live in Colorado so the max bet is $5. I have played there a bunch and I am up for the most part but I have recently had two bad losing sessions. This is frustrating to me especially becaise I have never had a situation like this as I usually play 10/20. The game is 2 to 5 holdem. Meaning $2 small bet and $5 big. It has a weird structure though as you can bet $2 to $5 anytime, preflop through the river. The last two days were a decent players paradise as the players for the most part suck. Anyway I ended up with two sessions with a $100 and $200 loss. You could not run people off of any hand if you pulled the fire alarm. In two 8 hours sessions I had large pocket pairs 23 times and had them hold up three times. I did not lose alot of money on them because I know when to get away from them. People will call preflop with 2-5 off commonly even to a five dollar raise. and if they have a gut shot, they will ride it to the river calling all the bets and if they don't hit it, they will fold on the river. I know this sounds like a dream table but it is not! For example, the blinds are one and two, say I am under the gun with kings or aces. I raise $5 making it seven to go. The normal amount of callers in that situation are 8! And that is my favorite thing to do is play aces or kings against 8 callers. NOT!!! Now the second part of the problem. The rake. The rake is $3 per pot of $20. Enough said. I think that even skalansky would have to scratch his head at this scenario. Anyone that does not believe this structure, feel free to come to the Sky Ute Casino and play hold'em. I don't think I will be going back anytime soon. Any advise or pointers as well as flames would be appreciated.
    yeah I am forced to play a 2-5 game much of the time also, it sucks as you get run down a lot, but people will play shitty kickers so often and just call you down, the key is to play a lot slower preflop against most tables but play tight as far as card selection goes. You have to hit your cards, but the game can be beat. Lame poker though, granted. For about two weeks I crushed the table but the bad habits start to wear on you and it's easy to loosen up seeing all the shitty cards win. I'm playing mostly online now.
  9. man... we're not flaming, we're just needling you for posting a site that has no hilariousness.I mean... putting my cigarette against my own arm and watching the skin burn was funnier (which I had to do to make sure I was still alive after reading that site).It's ok.
    Thanks Miles. (sigh) Well, I thought it was funny, not every one, some are completely ridiculous, but damn it there are some good ones, I'm standing by that! I feel like D.N. must feel right now after doing well in Razz rather than games that you need the good cards for...disaster :club:
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