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  1. There have been some threads on FCP that have made me, let's say curious, about the general sanity of the forum. This Diabolical character is tipping the scales well into the insane. Aren't there Dear Abby columns and Dr. Laura for crazy ass shit like this? I love this random stuff.

  2. The scariest thing is hearing the officials comment on this, the director of the National Hurricane Center said N.O. will "never be the same" and a gent from LSU's center said that it's "pretty much a worst case scenario" They also say the city could be under as much as 30 ft of water, which will include "human waste, toxic chemicals, and coffins" I'm amazed by the seeming number of people around who haven't been paying attention at all to the coverage, seemingly unaware that a whole notable US city could be wiped out. It's sad. (quotes from New York Times Online article)

  3. I'll disagree but only with the back up of Scott Fischman. In a recent article in a poker magazine (all in?) he said it really can be valuable as a teaching tool. He said it really helps you learn to play position. So for making money immediately? probably not. Educational? scott says yes.edit: I believe he was also talking about online sitngos

  4. My first post in Strat, the open invitation from aseem drew me here. Check/Call is good for more reasons. 1) We gain a chance to win the pot where we may be wa with a c/c where a bet/fold might lay down the best hand, as has been covered. 2)We save bets if we are wb but call a turn raise after our bet, fearing a bluff-raiseThe only real addition I have is 3) We commit to showdown, where we learn much about our opponent, including what he 3 bet preflop with as the button, called on the flop, bet with on the turn, and fired again with on the river. Won't this gain bets later, even if we lose one or two bets here by check/calling?A bet/fold is the 'weaker' play here I think, because you essentially give up money and a potential read when you could check/call for the same price.

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