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  1. IS FLUFFDOG BETTER THAN A 7 YEAR OLD? No. A seven year old can find and turn off the caps lock.
  2. There have been some threads on FCP that have made me, let's say curious, about the general sanity of the forum. This Diabolical character is tipping the scales well into the insane. Aren't there Dear Abby columns and Dr. Laura for crazy ass shit like this? I love this random stuff.
  3. "George Bush does not care about black people."-Kanye West
  4. Yeah that's my per diem, who do I give it to?
  5. Can anyone say "rebuy tourneys?" I bet he hits up a few of these bad boys. And the over/under on how many he takes on average has got to be pretty high. :-)
  6. although I wasn't looking to take the brunt of the action there, that sounds delicious. Does anyone have a lime?
  7. this is remarkably civil, are the assholes all asleep or what?
  8. a beautiful woman asking you to ravage her virgin ass with your sceptor of love...only to be checkraised in the amount of You taking it in the ass with her Sceptor of Love (available at the enormous black dildo store)
  9. Real gangsta ass playaz don't sleep
  10. The scariest thing is hearing the officials comment on this, the director of the National Hurricane Center said N.O. will "never be the same" and a gent from LSU's center said that it's "pretty much a worst case scenario" They also say the city could be under as much as 30 ft of water, which will include "human waste, toxic chemicals, and coffins" I'm amazed by the seeming number of people around who haven't been paying attention at all to the coverage, seemingly unaware that a whole notable US city could be wiped out. It's sad. (quotes from New York Times Online article)
  11. I'll disagree but only with the back up of Scott Fischman. In a recent article in a poker magazine (all in?) he said it really can be valuable as a teaching tool. He said it really helps you learn to play position. So for making money immediately? probably not. Educational? scott says yes.edit: I believe he was also talking about online sitngos
  12. I think the following:1. It's a bad beat, sorry to hear that2. It belongs in the bad beat forum3. You should be barbecued. here are the reasons: a. creating one solid block of text (no conversion or even paragraphs) b. making a terrible first post c. naming yourself beanYou'll do better next time.
  13. sw noted, if you're a white guy, there has to be at least one NBA team left needing to fill the obligatory 'single white guy 12th man' clause in their league contract. Good luck!
  14. My favourite way to bide the time is fortune pai gow. If you hit a bonus hand your live game bankroll is covered for the day, and if not you can play for a long time with like 50 bucks. Pai Gow!
  15. his bit on the different types of milk and water is an actual LOL situationit's not soy milk, it's soy juice, but they can't call it that because everytime you try to say the words soy juice, you actually start to gag
  16. on this note, does anyone have a good link to triple draw strategy online?
  17. from what everyone is saying, I'm gonna say that yes, that's exactly what he thought
  18. My first post in Strat, the open invitation from aseem drew me here. Check/Call is good for more reasons. 1) We gain a chance to win the pot where we may be wa with a c/c where a bet/fold might lay down the best hand, as has been covered. 2)We save bets if we are wb but call a turn raise after our bet, fearing a bluff-raiseThe only real addition I have is 3) We commit to showdown, where we learn much about our opponent, including what he 3 bet preflop with as the button, called on the flop, bet with on the turn, and fired again with on the river. Won't this gain bets later, even if we los
  19. I'm tuned in, good luck FcpJust in time to watch you go out, shitty shitty shitty
  20. As a guy who hasn't read up enough on these concepts enough, but been curious about them for awhile, the discussion was semi-enlightening, I'll need to look into this "strat" forum a little deeper. I think a thank you is in order, for adding the 'poker' to general poker.
  21. Hansen: I call B.S. manEsfandiari: No, literally I can pull a rabbit out of my ass.
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