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  1. Whatever you settle on, treat it well. I've fixed many computers in my time, don't kill it with any peer to peer software or your asking for trouble.I can honestly say those with major computer problems who think buying a new computer will solve everything will have the same issues they have now unless they change their net habits.Good luck
    Can you expand on this governator? I often wonder if I'm actively destroying my computer in some way I have no idea about.
  2. Pretty much a rock garden. Best bet is to play 2/4 6-max to clear bonus.Use table selection and watch 2-3 orbits b4 sitting down.
    thanks guys, i'll give it the ol college try and see what cooks off
  3. What the fuck are you all trying to say?Is it just me....IS IT JUST ME!?Maybe it's the overconsumption of Ayn Rand lately, if there is such a thing, that's driving me crazy.It just seems that 70% of the posts that I read here are by psuedo-anonymous "people" (as if they're actually alive! ha!) who have absolutely nothing to say.
    I'd say its definitely the Ayn Rand say :club: or check out the new Galt's Gulch forum where all the really really good forum members go to live in a perfect ideal forum world.
  4. in the 1-2 AND 2-5 nl game i play at the small (six tables) riverboat casino, they allow live straddle for ANY amount (including all in) from any position excepting the blinds. It gives last action preflop only from utg though. button straddles are obviously a nice mixup strategy to shake things up. Of course, in that game things are usually pretty shaken up already without straddling.

  5. Was up to 23k for a while. Unfortunately, constant button thief had AK when I had AQ...and my 22 couldn't stave off AK with one card to come (he pushed in on the turn with ace-high). Now I'm on SST with 8k and a table full of stallers. Frustrating as hell.
    10000 at break
  6. QuietLion is a pro, Richard Brodie. See above for Legggggggy. Just realized that Muchaka that I knocked out earlier when I flopped a set at this table is also ranked on Pocket 5's. Told you it was rigged.
    how you doing rdog? i'm at 8.4 now, anyone else still in?
  7. I'm ****ing tired of this bullshit when I get into hour 2 and can't play a single ****ing hand someone just ****ing hit me over the head with a ****ing hammer and end my life already what the ****.
    no bubba, tell us how you REALLY feel9k
  8. Not into religions but you might want to learn what happened on Easter and it wasn’t Jesus rising up to heaven before you thank someone for doing something they didn't do
    yeah, easter was the day they shot jesus. duh.
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